Salt and Water to Recharge Batteries: G-MAG Salt Water Battery Charger

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Two common items found in abundance in your home can be used to charge rechargeable batteries. Unlike solar power panels, the G-MAG salt-water battery charger will work in the dark, when it is overcast and in bad weather. Using typical table salt and tap water, you can create an electrical current powerful enough to charge six AA batteries in just two hours.

Picture shows the inside of the G-MAG salt water battery charger

Using typical table salt and tap water, you can create an electrical current powerful enough to charge six AA batteries.

This fuel cell battery charger from Greeninvative Magic may initially sound like it works magically from unicorn sprinkles, but it actually uses a simple chemical reaction to create an electrical current. Without getting into the particulars, a fuel cell converts chemical energy into electricity. In this case, salt water, magnesium and oxygen are used to create the current. To create an electrical current, the fuel cell must have an anode (negative), a cathode (positive), and an electrolyte. Magnesium is the anode, oxygen the cathode and salt water is the electrolyte. These fuel cells are non-hazardous, friendly to the environment and do not produce any harmful bi-products.

The “magnesium-air fuel technology” works using the included salt package, sea water, table salt, and even urine. However, the salt water eats the magnesium anode, so the G-MAG salt-water battery charger will charge batteries about 15 times. The included six AA batteries stay good despite the actual charger wearing out. You can simply purchase another new G-MAG salt-water battery charger or a standard battery charger for rechargeable batteries.

Picture shows a salt water battery charger and included contents.

The G-MAG salt-water battery charger includes charger, batteries, salt, and plastic water bottle.

Perfect for campers, hunters, hikers or during natural disasters, the G-MAG salt-water battery charger is about the size of two cell phones and weighs only five ounces without batteries. It will easily fit into the pocket of your bug-out bag, backpack or in your survival gear storage. If kept dry, the salt-water battery charger has an unlimited shelf life. Cheaper than stocking up on tons of batteries for your flashlight, emergency radio and other necessary electronics, the G-MAG salt water battery charger comes with the plastic charger, six rechargeable AA batteries, one 4-ounce water bottle, six salt packets and instructions.

Charging times vary per how many batteries you need charged and how much juice is left in each battery. Two AA batteries takes 40 minutes, four AA batteries takes 80 minutes and six will take two hours. Completely dead batteries may take up to five hours for a full recharge and will reduce the amount of times the salt-water battery will charge. It will charge any NiMh or NiCD rechargeable batteries.

Picture shows the outside of the G-MAG salt water battery charger.

The G-MAG salt water battery charger will charge six AA batteries in two hours.

Instructions for Use

  1. Place as many batteries as needed to charge into the battery holders as shown.
  2. Add one 1.5 teaspoon of salt, or one salt packet (included) into the included water bottle.
  3. Fill the water bottle with tap water until the fill line.
  4. Shake up the salt and tap water for a few seconds.
  5. Remove the top filler plug on the G-MAG unit and pour in the entire mixture of water and salt.
  6. Replace the top filler plug.
  7. Once charged, drain the water from the side drain plug.
  8. Flush with fresh water.

While the batteries are charging, make sure all the vents on the unit are clear of obstructions.

The G-MAG salt-water battery charges the equivalent of 90 AA batteries. If space is an issue, you have budget concerns or worried about the shelf life of typical batteries, the G-MAG salt-water battery charger guarantees electric power when you need it.

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