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Jessica Hooley, author of the Salt N’ Prepper blog and contributor to the Army Navy Store Blog – PX Supply, advises that  if you are in a situation where you must stay in a city, your emergency preparedness plan must be different than those of suburban residents. She says, “If you live in a city and you’re a prepper, then buckle up. As a prepper you will have to work extra hard to make your emergency plan viable. And while I make no judgments on city dwellers, I must say – Move! For your own safety — Move! Move, move, move, move, move.”

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Define Your Strategy

One of the biggest problems with cities are the fact that they aren’t self-sustaining. They rely on outer communities to supply them with food, water and often times electricity. The second biggest issue with cities is the space. Most homes. apartments, and condos don’t have the space needed to store supplies for 6 months to a year. And even if they did there is a severely high probability of civil unrest, leading to looting and robbery. In short — you need a plan. The three questions to ask yourself:

  • How long will we stay?
  • How will we get out?
  • Where will we go?

How long will we stay?

As I said before, in a city you must resign yourself to the fact that you will have to leave if the situation escalates to a point where you either have no supplies or your safety is in jeopardy. Decide with your family how long this period is going to be. After the power is out, the food is gone, and the shelves are empty in the grocery stores of all liquid – how much longer will you hold down the fort. Too short and you may have bugged out too soon. Too long and you risk the possibility of not being able to get out.

How will we get out?

Your exit strategy needs to be well planned out. Come up with a minimum of three routes out of the city. You’ve seen how a couple thousand people can shut down a road. Imagine the magnification of that situation when millions are out looking for food and water. You need to be able to navigate your way through the mess and be prepared to defend you and your family. I’ll go into further detail later.

Where will we go?

Once again, come up with a couple places as a destination if possible. Think of relatives out in the “boonies”. Anyone that you consider as being in a safe part of the world. If you don’t know anyone within a reasonable distance (you may run out of fuel) start thinking of areas that you could stay. Hotels. Camp spots. Some place to ride it out.

Other topics covered in the Cities – A Prepper’s Nightmare & Solutions post include:

Making Connections
Help those around you prepare.

Bug-Out Gear
Although it may not seem like “gear” — a truck may likely be the most important bug-out necessity for someone in a big city.

If you are planning to stay in your house longer than a week after water is unavailable, you need to make storing water a big priority.

Food Storage
The key to your food storage is making it secret. Get creative and bury it in your yard, if you must.

Tip: In most cities, homes are close together. When using evening lighting make sure to draw the shades.

Without electricity you may be in for some cold nights.

The terrible truth is that most places in this country where self-defense is needed most, it’s unavailable to law abiding citizens. Some other solutions: Pepper spray, Tasers, trip wires, a guard dog, fortifications.

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  • colt1911


    Geoff you are right as well, yes getting out of the city is a must. It will be pure kaos, looting,killing,etc..
    you would almost be up against everbody, lose, lose situation. You need to get some where where you can see them coming, and recognize the signs of friend or foe??
    guppy or shark as it where. Just remember the three most important letters D.T.A. ..(DON’T TRUST ANYONE)well who isn’t family and then you never know?


  • colt1911



    Mister, I ain’t got a bigoted bone in my body. You don’t drop that axe I’ll blast you to hell as quick as I would a white man. Quoted from John Wayne…..Cahill US Marshall


  • Geoff W


    Guys, guys, guys. Can we please STOP with the ‘racist’ and ‘prejudice’ bull$#!t and move on. It’s obvious this argument cannot be decided in this thread. Everyone has opinions and that’s great. I get it. These posts belong on another thread on another site. NOT here. It was wrong for the initial off-thread comment to be made, which sparked this entire thing. Let’s see if we can re-direct this thing and go in the right direction. Here, I will start.

    If you want to get out of the City, you will need to leave EARLY, BOFORE the S really HTF. Traffic will most likely not allow an overland passenger vehicle to exit the city. You will be stuck and forced to live in the City unless you can get out on foot, or possibly motorcycle. If you really don’t want to be in the City to live out a SHTF scenario, get out NOW while you can if you think it is looming. Or, begin stockpiling an underground lair in the woods that you can get to and protect easily… and wait for the first signal of all Hell breaking loose. Then get the Hell out of there FAST! You may need to become an insider to get the information needed to make a decision like this in time. You will need to think about the best logical escape routes from where you will most likely be at the time. Like I said before, consider using off-road vehicles (boats, motorcycles) whenever possible. Your chances of escaping the City will be much greater in my opinion.

    Me, personally, I DON’T live in a large City for many reasons. I live on the edge of a smaller City in Oregon. I can get out REAL easy if needed. There are backroads everywhere that lead anywhere I would ever want or need to go.


  • colt1911


    John you are not wrong, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are absolutely right about racist not meaning anything anymore, all that crap went out the window when Obama was elected (actually about ten yrs. earlier). I have heard a million times, they won’t let us cause we’re black..or we gonna get blamed cause we black, well there is a black President now and I know for a fact that it was not the black vote that did it.(no more excuses). We all had history class in what ever school we went to, some learned about racism some didn’t but we all know that our forefathers where slave owners or condoned it. But that was hundreds of years ago that part of our history is dead, so why keep bringing it up?
    When a race of people is conquered, then it is up to the conqueror to decide what happens to them,death,enslavement,prison..ETC..
    I know in the past black people suffered horrible atrocities, things so horrible you would have had to have been there to believe it. But that’s my point I was not there, and unless you are 100 years old +, neither where you. There are hundreds of races who have been mistreated look at the American Indian, A Primitive race we almost wiped out completely and in some cases did..The Jewish people over six million Murdered!..list goes on and on..and if your black and upset with what I wrote here than sorry, just my opinion.


  • Mike


    Kill them ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let God Do his work !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • John



    That’s my point. Jamal mentions his race as if it is a handicap when that can’t be further from the truth. Even if race is a factor in a SHTF scenario (which it wouldn’t be because nobody will trust any outsider, no matter who they are), I would rather be perceived less like a victim and more like a person to avoid.

    He so gratuitously proved my point about white’s being racist any time they disagree with a black male or female. Nothing that I said was racist. Not to mention, the word racist officially has no meaning anymore. Everything is “racist” when racist by definition is a person who believes their race to be superior to all others. The word Jamal is looking for is “prejudice.” Say I picked on a person because they were black, that would not make me a racist, it would make me prejudice. Now if I screamed, “white power,” that would make me a racist. It’s a distinct difference that no longer seems to matter. Anyway, that is a moot point. I can’t stand when I hear someone say that their minority status is a hindrance on their life. It is just not so. A black person doesn’t have to act 3x better than me, they don’t have to be 9x smarter than me, they don’t have to have 4x the amount of money as I; none of that is true. As a minority, my wife gets preferential treatment and she knows it. Does she try to abuse it? No. But she acknowledges it and feels it is very unfair. She sees how hard it is for me to excel as whenever I apply for anything, I compete with everybody but only am allotted designated spots for white people. This isn’t the case for anyone else. After I retired from the military, I went to apply for a local LE position. When I went in, they chuckled and told me that unless if I was a woman or a minority, not to hold my breath in hopes of getting a position. They said they can’t stop me from applying but there would have to be a lot of people die off over night in order for me to get a call back.

    That is in no way a “poor me,” either. It is to prove that there isn’t oppression against anyone but whites; specifically white males. But there’s nothing I can do about it and I just move on to the next stop in my life. I just can’t stand to hear someone say their life is so rough because they are [whatever skin color], when I was told what I mentioned above after I tried to apply for a position. I guess, however, stating facts makes me “racist.” It doesn’t bother me any. I know how I live my life and how far from a “racist” I really am. I’ll probably tell my buddy when I see him tomorrow that I was called a racist on the internet, his black ass will laugh pretty hard because he knows how NOT “racist” I really am.


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