Rossi Circuit Judge Convertible Revolver Rifle 22 LR/.22 Magnum

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In 1836, Colt formed the Patent Arms Company. His first product was a ring-lever repeating rifle. The ring acted as a cocking lever to advance the cylinder between shots.

Colt Model 1855 Repeating Rifle

Colt Model 1855 Revolver Rifle

Around the same time, the Second Seminole War—also known as the Florida War—was raging and gave Colt his first break. The Seminoles had uncovered a weakness in the U.S. soldier’s tactics due to the nature of single-shot rifles. To exploit the soldier’s weakness, the Seminoles would simply draw the soldier’s fire and then attack them while reloading and before they could reload for a second volley.

Quite naturally, the Colt rifles proved a success in preventing the Seminole’s tactic and the Army began purchasing rifles for the Florida campaign. As a result, the success of the new repeating rifle spurred the development of the five-shot Patterson revolver with folding triggers.

Less than 1,000 of these rifles were produced by Colt and your chance of picking one up one of the few surviving examples… well, let’s just say you’d need pretty deep pockets. Although not the first revolving rifle the most popular example of the day would be the Model 1855. In 1855 Colt introduced a spur trigger revolver that featured a fully enclosed cylinder. During the same year, Colt produced the sidehammer Model 1855 rifles and carbines for military and sporting use, as well as a revolving shotgun.

Rossi Curcuit Judge

Rossi Circuit Judge Convertible Revolver Rifle 22 LR/.22 Magnum

The Modern Day Revolver Rifle

The concept of the Rossi Circuit Judge dates back to the early Colt Revolving rifles. With that nostalgia feel, Rossi has made an affordable, modern-day version in a .22 LR /.22 Mag. convertible. The cylinders of the Circuit Judge can be easily changed in less than 10 seconds. It can serve as not only one, but two guns with multiple purposes for different ranges. For plinking and recreational shooting, use the .22 rimfire cylinder and for $20 bucks you can have an afternoon of fun and cheap shooting with ammo left over. Switch to the .22 Mag. cylinder and you have an effective varmint round out to 100 yards (some folks say 150 yards)! I am not aware of any other .22 rifles with this much versatility.

The Circuit Judge .22 LR/.22 Mag. gives you the versatility and speed you need. It easily transforms from .22LR to .22 Mag. in seconds with its breakthrough removable cylinder. It’s everything you could ever want for plinking, target practice or varmint hunting with these popular and affordable ammunition choices.

  • Model: SCJ22LR22M
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
  • Action: Double Action / Single
  • Finish: Blue
  • MSRP: $710.00
  • CTD Price: $516.82

If you are looking for a bit more bang! for you buck you can always look at one of the Circuit Judge’s other chamberings including: 28 gauge, .410 3-in. / .45 LC, or .44 Mag.

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