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After receiving the country’s first official firearms license from the government in 1952, under the name Squires Bingham Manufacturing Inc., the now renamed Armscor has moved at full speed ever since. In 1985, Armscor Precision International opened its U.S. doors in Nevada and shortly after purchased Rock Island Armory. Armscor plans to double its production in 2013 to meet ammunition supply demands by opening a new facility in Pahrump, Nevada.

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Armscor has been in the firearms business since 1905.

The Best-Kept Secret in 1911s

Rock Island Armory makes its 1911s in an ISO-9001-certified factory right outside of Manila, Philippines. The company mills their gun frames from cast 4140 carbon steel and forged 4140 steel for the slides. Rock Island, by far, beats any price on any solidly built 1911. Its basic no frills 1911 is slightly over $400. For that price, you have extra cash to spend on customizations. Speaking of customizations, Rock Island’s fancier 1911 with all the bells and whistles, including Novak sights, skeletonized trigger, Beavertail safety, and full-length guide rod sell for not much more.

Armscor/Rock Island Armory makes more 1911s than any other gun manufacturer in the world. Not only does the company build the Rock Island Armory pistols, it also makes Auto Ordnance’s entire line of 1911s as well.

Besides the wide variety of 1911s from basic GI to match models, Armscor also produces the reliable and straight shooting M200 and M206 revolvers, three semi-automatic rimfire rifle models, three .22 Long Rifle bolt-action rifle models, a .22 TCM bolt-action rifle and two extreme value-priced pump action shotguns—the M5.

Clean, American-Made Ammunition

Armscor makes an entire line of ammunition right here in the United States at its factory in Stevensville, Montana. All Armscor ammo is new production with polished casings, uniform crimps and consistent overall length. We love the fact that Armscor uses large pistol primers for its .45 ACP ammunition and how each .223 Remington round is crimped properly exactly at the cannelure. On the .22 Magnum head stamp, do not be alarmed if you see “F” instead of “A.” Armscor makes the exact same ammo for Fiocchi. Armscor stands by its ammo quality. If you find one round you are dissatisfied with, Armscor will replace the whole box free.


Inspired to create more power in a smaller caliber, Armscor President Martin Tuason and master gunsmith Fred Craig developed the .22 TCM (Tuason Craig Magnum). The round is comparable to FN’s 5.7×28 load. The two took a .223 bullet and shoved it into a 9mm case to make a hot caliber that gives you 2,100 feet per second from a 40-grain bullet from a 1911. Of course, Rock Island Armory has a 1911 and a bolt-action rifle chambered for the innovative new round. The result of the .22 TCM is a big fireball with little recoil.
Armscor maintains a presence in the shooting industry by regularly updating their social media outlets such as Facebook and web TV series, Armscor Nation, and by sponsoring its shooting team consisting of JJ Racaza, Eric Grauffel, Jethro Dionisio, Athena Lee, and the newest competitor to sign Mike Seeklander.

Armscor is some of the most reliable and consistent ammo for the price. As production grows, I’m anxious to see what lays ahead for Armscor and Rock Island Armory.

Armscor/Rock Island Armory is offering free pro 2A pictures for 2013 NRA convention attendees at booth 4965.

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