Remington R51 — The New Sub-Compact Pistol Standard

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Remington R51 Right Side

Remington R51

The gun world is far from national security; wait… The NSA has not been keeping its secrets all that well lately either. Several new models will be released in the next couple of weeks, but here is the first one to pique our interest here at Cheaper Than Dirt!

Remington broke new ground when it introduced the R1 1911. It was a new direction, and one the firearm community enthusiastically embraced.

Building on that success, Remington has introduced the R51. The R51 is a subcompact pistol. The design leans heavily on Remington’s original Model 51—a design originating in 1915, considered revolutionary and ahead of its time.

Time changes all. The .40 S&W is a complete youngster compared to some cartridges and hopefully the R51 will one day be offered as a .40 cal. Factors such as this had to be taken into account when designing the R51. While Remington’s engineers were busy designing the R51, the decision was made to chamber it in 9mm, but to ensure it was beefy enough to handle +P ammunition. Both cartridges enjoy unparalleled popularity and the dimensions are inline with Remington’s goal of staying true to the original Model 51’s size, characteristics and attitude—in a sub compact.

Remington R51 Ambidextrous Safety

Remington R51 Ambidextrous Safety

Early details lead me to believe that Remington did it right. The R51 is hammer-fired and uses the Pedersen action—including a locked breech and 416 stainless steel barrel. Sub compact—yes; built tough—most definitely! The R51 is rated for +P ammo and ready to handle the rigors of an EDC gun. However, Remington did not stop there. The R51 features drift adjustable sights, aluminum frame and checkering on the front strap.

Other notable features include an ambidextrous safety to better accommodate southpaws and a flush-fitting, seven-round single-stack magazine. Still not convinced? Remington has two more carrots to dangle. The R51 Sub-compact line will include models with threaded barrels for suppressor enthusiasts and a model with a built-in Crimson Trace Laserguard.

Remington’s R1 is a fine gun and commands a fair price. I have no problem paying for quality and craftsmanship, but nonetheless I was ready to cringe when Remington got to the MSRP portion of the conversation. To my—and everyone else’s in the room—surprise, the new for 2014 R51 is set to debut at $420! Check back at Rumor has it… CTD will be carrying the new R51s soon!

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