Reader Comments of the Week — October 21, 2017

By Dave Dolbee published on in General

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Charging Criminals for a Change

Some common sense *security* would go a long way too. It’s all well and good to support the 2nd Ammendment, the NRA, or whoever, but advertising it in the form of NRA/2E bumper stickers on your car and/or “Don’t Tread On Me” flags flying in your front yard (or something similar) means one is outright telling criminal scum, “Hey! I own guns! Stake out my home until I am not there, and then STEAL all of my guns!”

Gang members and drug traffickers need to be hammered with stiffer sentences, and not be eligible for early release programs of any kind. Better still, they should be declared domestic terrorist organizations and dealt with accordingly. Chicago, Washington D.C.,and L.A. (which is right in my own back yard) would be better places to live in/travel through.

~So. Cal Gunner

Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers

One thing that I have found, is that too much oil will attract dirt into the internal parts and cause stickiness or grittiness to occur over time. Always clean well and use the best quality gun lubricant you can get. My Glock smoothed out over time and now is much better than it was new, and my GP100 now is crisp as breaking a glass pipette straw. I broke a few of those in classes by accident. The gentle polishing with minimal lubrication of the metal moving across metal is more of a burnishing effect and it results in a slightly harder and much smoother surface.
Go out and shoot your properly lubricated firearm, then clean it well. Repeat. This will result in a better trigger pull over time and probably will make you a better shot due to the practice.

~D Brian Casady

Video: Gun Range Safety and Etiquette — A Beginners Guide

First thing…DON’T WEAR A LOW CUT TOP, HOT BRASS HURTS YOUR CHEST WHEN THE CASING IS STUCK IN YOUR BRA! I’m sorry quit using sex to sell safety. I am a woman and always wear a high neck shirt.


Video: Gun Range Safety and Etiquette — A Beginners Guide

An excellent basic video.
I can’t help but be amused when the lady speaks about wearing appropriate clothing using shoes as an example. That nice looking scoop neck top will undoubtedly be entertaining when it scoops up a piece of hot brass. Ladies, wear a high neck shirt. A good example is the ladies in the last clip. Neither are likely to perform the brass dance.

~John Hoss

There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Charging Criminals for a Change

In the western days of the past an ex-con was given a rifle upon leaving prison as no Walmart Super Stores for food existed. Rights being restored should be automatic after a period of years. If the person is not worthy then why are they with small time sentences? The U.S. has more prisoners than any other country in the world based on percentage per populous. My main concern really is the control of less of our population having guns. It would make any opposition less of a threat. Then again…. there is no fake news to worry over, right?


There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Charging Criminals for a Change

The best “gun control” is thug control. The trend of letting criminals off with light sentences is changing under Trump, except California where our left wing governor just changed some sentencing laws to turn more convicted crooks onto the street.

~Robert Moody

There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Charging Criminals for a Change

Based on several comments it appears some folks don’t understand what President Trump has directed AG Sessions to actually do here. There has been no change to existing law or any new law enacted as a result of this action. It is simply President Trump performing his sworn duty to carry out the existing laws that Obama failed to enforce.

There is nothing new here. These laws have been on the books for decades. The only difference is President Trump’s integrity to uphold these laws, compared to a corrupt Obama who selectively enforced only those laws he felt suited his un-American ideologies.

As such, those of you commenting that the removal of firearms from known felons to be somehow anti-gun, is a preposterous position to take. We are a Nation of Laws, so we either follow the letter or we too are as corrupt as any number of third-world countries.

First-world countries are prosperous because they don’t ignore laws whenever they don’t like them. Instead they work to legally change those laws that are found to be unjust. Obama on the other hand corrupted far too many young minds into believing we can just ignore the Constitution and the rights and laws it enumerates.

It’s no wonder we now see this new lawlessness of our youth manifested in anarchical and terroristic groups like ANTIFA and BLM. With a proven willingness to destroy property and kill people, these youth came of age throughout Obama’s corrupt and lawless 8-year reign.

These youth were raised during an administration that flagrantly ignored the law whenever it wanted. Not to say other administrations haven’t had their share of controversy, but Obama and his entire administration and political party openly took his corruption to unprecedented levels like no president before him.

Some of the highlights these Obama youth were subjected to are:

* They saw Obama order immigration laws to go un-enforced, just to replace Americans with cheap illegal labor and more liberal voters. All while tricking our youth into believing it was about social justice and equality for all.

* They saw Obama and his AG illegally run guns into Mexico, kill federal agents, and never made to answer for it.

* They saw Obama cover for his Secretary of State who stole classified information for her own personal use in furtherance of her “pay-to-play” scheme.

* Meanwhile the youth also saw the same Secretary of State ignore requests for additional embassy security which killed an ambassador and his security team. Rather than make her answer for that, Obama instead helped cover it up on National TV claiming some fake protest over a YouTube video and then orders the arrest of the innocent filmmaker.

* They witnessed Obama lie about his healthcare plan just to get it passed and then his continued lies to the public claiming Obamacare is not a tax. But once hauled into court he suddenly had to admit it was a tax or face judges shutting it down.

Obama’s list of corruption that reared our impressionable youth goes on-and-on. The difference now is that if anyone even sneezes wrong in President Trump’s administration he sets an example and fires them immediately. In Obama’s administration they all got promoted and the youth saw it all.

President Trump didn’t make the laws, but he takes his sworn oath to enforce each of them quite seriously.

On several occasions this President has admitted which laws he doesn’t care for, yet unlike Obama, irrespective of his personal beliefs he still enforces them because it is his duty. He knows it takes such integrity to raise us back out of the third-world cesspool that Obama believed we belonged.

Once you understand that, you’ll begin to understand what drives President Trump.

The enforcement of these laws to remove guns from criminals unlawfully in possession is simply an act of law enforcement that’s been done for decades. President Trump simply iterated it in an executive order to get agents back on track after Obama derailed them.

So if you perceive that as anti-gun, then use our first-world system of justice to change the laws, but don’t stoop to Obama’s third-world methods of selectively demanding this government to ignore it. That would be illegal. That would be Obama.


Flat, Hard Hitting, and Accurate: Weatherby Releases 6.5-300

There are lots of accurate, fast cartridges out these days. I feel it’s up to the shooter to choose a rifle/cartridge they want and figure it out. Sniper accuracy is not a realistic expectation from any factory rifle/ammo/scope… in my opinion. That’s part of the fun, especially if the set up is intended for a trophy hunt. The hunt starts with the purchase, and ideally at the reloading bench… and ends with a mount!


Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers

I enjoyed your article on triggers, but you missed one important detail. When I went into the Army I enjoyed practicing with a match grade .45 auto. I thought I was doing pretty well so I entered a post pistol match. On match day we were required to use rack weapons. The one I drew had excessive overtravel. I found all my shots going out the bottom of the target as I reacted to the trigger break before the gun had a chance to fire and recoil.

~Robert Ritzman

New Anti-gun Legislation Introduced in Congress

I get SO tired of the same old crap. Infringement of the 2nd Amendment is not going to happen, and if they pass some law, it won’t be Constitutional. Especially if those damn Liberal Left Mental Midgets are the ones conjuring up anything, just something “just because” they have to DO SOMETHING! BANNING A BUMP STOCK? That’s pretty silly. About as silly as letting a Liberal loon snowflake VOTE. And at their “feel good” measures, I just wonder how much longer before We The People, have our CIVIL War? Keep pushing us😎

~Deplorable Robert

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