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Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Severe Weather Preparedness Week, March 5-11 2017

A good write up about preparations. Sadly, most folks don’t consider how quickly these natural disasters can happen and they don’t think preemptively.

~Reflex Handgun

Cornyn Introduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill in Senate

Boy! Wouldn’t it be great if this bill would pass! Then, again it would be great if the NFA regulation that taxes and regulates silencers was abolished, but I cannot see either happening as the states tend to “hang onto” their antiquated laws instead of “doing what is right.”


Glock 19 Pros and Cons

I love my 2nd Generation G-19. It is, hands down, the most reliable semi-auto I have ever owned. Ugly? I’m not choosing a defensive gun for looks. If I want looks and style, my personal favorite is the old Colt Model “P” SAA revolver. “Looks is a matter of personal taste. As for concealability, my preference is for a fanny-pack style holster (my “man purse”, as some of my co-workers call it – they think fanny packs of any kind are “faggy”, but their opinions matter to me about as much as farts in the wind…), since i can wear it with anything and it also carries my wallet and other essentials (did i mention it is a BIG fanny pack, and I could stick a full size 1911 in it if I wanted to?). I don’t have a problem with the way it points, either. I guess the love/hate thing is, like in all gun choices, simply a matter of personal taste.

~Rich K.

Review: Ruger Blackhawk

@ Vincent,
Whew took a half hour to read that lol have had blackhawks in .357 mag and had the 5.5 inch convertible .45 and now own the version i mentioned in my post .
I have to disagree on the 357 mag for deer sized game to the heavy .45 LC loads from my 7.5 inch blackhawk with 300 grain xtp bullet leaving the muzzle at 1250 fps with win 296 powder on my chrono. I have used several models of .357 magnum pistols on deer i felt it was not enough gun to me on deer size game at least these big whitetails we have in Ohio using the heavy loads even .I like a big slower moving bullet that leaves the energy in the game not go right through and shocks em into dropping pretty much on the spot where as they ran up to 75 yards even with a heart shot with a .357 mag many times which is why i went to the .45 colt and i got a great deal on it as well but would have rather it be in .44 mag .JMHO after using both. A. 44 mag would be even better but the .45 colt loads i use are close and are hand loaded and to me have always done the job better than any .357 i ever used . I as well have a desert eagle 44 but how did it make this post on single action pistols lol? Now the .357 maximum i heard was much better for deer then the .357 mag but i have yet to see it for myself.


NSSF Calls Foul on USFWS Director’s Parting Shot on Traditional Ammo

@ Matt,

So much for you writing that I was, “on the losing side from the beginning of the argument”.

I felt I’d personally take the time to update you that the first act by the new Interior Secretary appointed by President Trump was to sign an order that completely revokes Obama’s ban on lead ammo and fishing tackle.

Most telling is the Secretary’s refusal to use other lighter options and instead went straight for the strongest immediate and complete revocation. By law he could instead have amended the order or superseded it. But the fact the Secretary straight up revoked it entirely indicates what we’ve been saying all along – and that is that Obama’s order was illicitly carried out of spite rather than facts based on science. Case closed.


Setting up a Glock for Concealed Carry

I use 2 setups on my Glock 17. One for range shooting and one for personal defense.
PD I put a tungsten guide rod. Strength and weight at the barrel end. Provides better balance and less recoil. Pyramid Trigger System, but kept stock Trigger connector weight. Titanium Safety Plunger less friction in, harder surface for less wear and tear. All else stock.
Range: I swap out barrel for Double Diamond Stainless steel better accuracy largely because of it having traditional rifling and tighter tolerance in the barrel. Titanium striker.
These are all drop in parts that can be changed on the fly.


CGF Seeks Review by Full 9th Circuit Court in Waiting Period Case

@Kevin: Please go back and read the whole article. The plaintiff in the case, a gun owner sued the kalyfornia because they made him wait 10 days to pick up a gun he had purchased when he was already on record with the state as owning guns. The trial court having heard the evidence as described in what you call a terrible article, found that the state’s position was ridiculous and ruled that where the state already had gun ownership by the purchaser on record it didn’t make any sense at all to say he had to wait 10 days to “cool off” when he already possessed the means to illegally use the firearm he owned if that was his intent. Okay, still with me? The state appealed that ruling and because it was a constitutional issue the case was being tried in federal court. Appeals are usually heard by one appellate justice (the kind of judge who sits on an appeals court)who ruled that the state was correct in requiring a “cooling off” period because the prospective gun owner could be buying a “more dangerous” gun than the one he presently was ON RECORD WITH THE STATE AS OWNING. I’m sorry to shout. I apologize but your comment says to me that either you didn’t read the article or your reading comprehension is approximately at the third grade level.

~left coast chuck

NRA: Trump Signs Repeal of Obama-Era SSA Gun Prohibition Rule

I hope the NRA and other organizations will turn their attention to the long and expensive process which they mentioned in the above article. The process of restoration of firearms rights, for all of those affected by the law. I am currently trying to restore my rights and in Washington state the process has just gotten longer, and more expensive. I made a mistake when I was in school that will affect the rest of my life through some of my most deep rooted passions. Some of the best past times our country has to offer will have to be by passed by me, my children and my wife. Unless I pay a fee for a mistake I’ve already paid for with my dignity, and time and effort and repayment to the community. Many times over. My family’s safety is a just another type of tax they can now add to my long lists of taxes I must pay for day to day life. This is unacceptable. Please write your local legislation and let them know there are many young and old folks out here that would very much like an easier process to get there God given right to self preservation back. How many criminals who’ve commit multiple offenses against others violently or otherwise go out of there way to even fill out the proper paperwork to seal their records? I’m sure not many if any at all. I have done so. Completely sealed however this is not enough to restore my state firearms rights. This last September the Washington state patrol changed the requirements for rights restoration. Of course in the middle of me going through a long process to get my record sealed. I was told by the courts and Evan the wsp that I may need a lawyer to finish said paperwork. I did not. Everything so far I’ve done myself it was very simple tho many steps involved some of which expensive it was still easily done. However now they have thrown up more roadblocks to stop law abiding citizens from getting the god given rights back. It’s ludicrous. Please someone help! New laws in Washington state are being passed regularly to restrict firearms rights, and availability. NRA please step up and help us.


Comparing Inexpensive Red Dot Sights

@ aaron,

I have many ARs, AKs, and a tactical shotgun. Each is equipped with a red dot and each is co-witnessed to the iron sights. Having a military and law enforcement background, I view this as a standard setup. But my background also makes it easy to forget not everyone possess the same knowledge. So it’s good that you brought up co-witnessing so that novices are made aware of the process.

However, I have to say that larry’s case appears to be one of rejecting the technology and a refusal to learn about it based on his incorrect perceptions about this type of sight.

Specifically his several posts show he clearly doesn’t trust such technology or any sight that uses a battery. Never mind that the military and law enforcement has successfully tested and depended on it for decades now; as used by millions of troops in conditions that far exceed anything larry would find himself in.

Though not for military use, a budget Bushnell TRS-25 red dot has been tested to run continuously for 3000 hours (125 days straight). Even High-end military red dots like EOTechs that consume more battery still manage to run 600 continuous hours (25 days straight).

Adding even more confidence in these systems – the middle and top tier red dots have a built in function to automatically shut down after a continuous 4 or 8 hours of use to save battery should you forget to turn it off. Note: This feature can be disabled in combat.

So with all these features, incredible battery life, and the ability to co-witness to the iron sights, larry’s fears are rather warrantless and have sadly misled him into missing out on a rather impressive and combat tested technology.

A footnote to those interested in co-witnessing their red dots: Do research on full (absolute) versus a lower 1/3 co-witness setup and the iron sights which dictate when to use each type. Also know there are many inexpensive riser solutions to get your red dot to the co-witness height you require. Some of the middle to high-end red dots come packaged with assorted risers to achieve this.


If Someone Threatens to Kill You, Can You Legally Respond With Force?

Even in a state (Colorado) like mine where open carry is legal and people in Wal-Mart often are carrying openly on their hip,there is difference between simply carrying openly and displaying (as a threat). Like many laws there is If a person was in a heated argument for example with open carry person and the open carry person said “You see what’s on my hip!”, this could be construed as a threat and even felony menacing.We must realize that the law may be exactly identical (state law) in all counties, However, the way a given county enforces that law may differ widely. Obviously if you are pointing a gun at someone is an actionable threat. and could be felony menacing given the circumstances, it might not be. Now look at it in reverse a person points a gun at you and you draw and shoot him. This is likely lawful. This because a reasonable man would feel his life in imminent danger that was unavoidable. Even with a CCW if you open your coat to pull up your shirt to expose your weapon to someone you are arguing with heatedly,( even if open carry is legal,) this is very likely going to be seen as felony menacing.You would have to prove that a reasonable person would have thought he was in imminent danger of death or serious injury and that was why you showed your gun to deter the actionability of said threat or counter it before it could be actualized. Laws are interpreted to each individual case by judges and district attorneys

~Peyton Quinn

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