Reader Comments of the Week — March 18, 2017

By Dave Dolbee published on in General

Even regular readers of The Shooter’s Log can’t read or respond to all of the comments, so we have started a new weekly feature that will recap a sampling of the most active, interesting, or on occasion, randomly selected comments from the previous weeks. Feel free to respond with your two cents at the bottom of this article or by clicking the story link and adding it directly to the discussion.

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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

Scout Turkeys Early or Be Disappointed Later

I’ve always enjoyed hunting turkey with my Dad but if I’m honest I’ll admit to never being successful. Did I put in enough time? Was I stealthy enough or not? I don’t know, but what was most frustrating for me and Dad was scouting and hunting for turkey’s and seeing bear. And when we were scouting and hunting for bear, we’d see turkey.

What a head scratcher. LOL

But while we never filled either type tag, we had some of the BEST times shared by a couple of old Farts (well, me old and Dad REAL old! LMAO) that can be had.

And while the expense and time put in before and during a hunt can be significant, the memories I still have are priceless. As for Dad, well, he’s gone to that Great Hunting Field in The Sky and probably looks down and laughs as I sneak through the woods in search of a wily ol’ Tom who stays just out of sight and range.

And that’s ok too. To me it has always been about the hunt as much as it is the taking of any game animal.

Besides, it beats the best day working or sitting in front of the TV.
Good Luck and Good Hunting!


.223 vs. 5.56: Which Ammunition is Safe for “My” AR-15?

This is possibly the most helpful and informative report I have ever read when trying to understand something from the Internet. Thanks a bunch.

~Dick Baldwin

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Escape Knife

To be honest, if it wasn’t advertised as AUS-8A steel, I wouldn’t even really notice the difference. My SRK is as tough as nails and I maintain that heat treat impacts the durability of a knife far more than steel choice.

My 2c

~Thomas Xavier

Glock 19 Pros and Cons

I like Glocks and have a 17 which IMHO is hard to beat. I also have a Beretta 92fs which I love also. The Glock stays in the house, the Beretta in my pickup. For concealed carry though I have a Smith & Wesson Shield. Striker fired like the Glock but with a manual safety. I know the yadda, yadda crowd will say the Glock is perfectly safe with training and maybe that’s so, but carrying a Glock or “cocked and locked” 1911 pointed at my personal parts just does not appeal to me.


Why the Glock 23 Should be Your New Carry Gun


The recoil isn’t that much different… ESSPECIALLY for the increased energy you get!!! The good thing about the 23 is that for a $100 barrel you can have a 9mm if you don’t like it, but not the other way around. Also if you are remotely concerned about SHTF or Ammo supplies, you have a gun that can shoot .40 or 9mm with about a 15 second barrel change. But when it comes down to it, proper grip, stance, and positioning will make it barely noticable. I shoot 9mm out of mine sometimes and I don’t really even notice a difference recoil wise… but I can see a big difference in how much my steel targets move!!!

Anyway, I’m a 23 fan…. I have 3 and bought my first one as a graduation gift for myself from paramedic school back in 1996. That is still my main carry gun and I have about 10,000 rounds through it. I polished the friction areas, put a 3lb connector on it, and XS big dot sights. Other than a single pistol class back in 2014 I’m a self taught shooter, and I can EASILY draw, fire 3 rds, and hit center mass of my IDPA target with all 3 in less than 3 seconds from 10 yds. The recoil is all about practice and training. To be honest I’m about 7-8 out of 10 hitting that target from 50 yds with my 23…. So for a defense weapon I think it’s a great choice!!!

Hope that helps.

~Grubbs David

Can Your Town Outlaw Your Guns?

@ Tombstone Gabby

Not 100% current, but sounds like a “Scallywag” Patrol. A way of Keeping the Unsavory “Riff Raff” of the town from reentering the town, after being told to go home in “Forceable Verbal Tones”.


Ruger Adds .45 Auto Ruger American Compact Pistol

When I bought my second Ruger Blackhawk (45 LC convertible) I looked into getting into reloading to cut the cost of ammo down. But the initial cost of all the reload equipment as you pointed out is quite high., PLUS the ongoing cost of bullets, powder, primers, etc. is enough so that it would be almost as cheap to just buy manufactured ammo. Of course, this is not always the case with all calibers, and especially when you get into really high power ammo. I shoot .357 Mag, .38 Spec., .45 ACP, and .45 LC.

Vincent (03-15-17)

~Vincent LaVallee

Cornyn Introduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill in Senate

There will always be pros and cons when it comes to passing a bill regarding conceal weapons. Let’s get this bill passed and show the gun grabbers that CCW permits help reduce crime. All you NRA gun lovers that live in California know what I’m talking about. If we republicans can get this bill and make it work Washington will be ours for a long time to come.


Ruger Adds .45 Auto Ruger American Compact Pistol

I really want to shoot this. It looks like a great cc option. My first handgun was a Ruger P95 9mm. That firearm ran like a champ. I’ve also had great experiences with Ruger’s customer service, and my father had a really good experience with Ruger’s customer service.


Range Review: Taurus PT1911 1-191101 .45 ACP

This Taurus kicks with the other big dogs in the 1911 field. Mine also tends to bite both the target like any 230-grain biter, but can also draw from the owner as well. For that is my only issue with the unit I have and some filing and a little touchup blue will resolve that. Accuracy is spot on, other functions are in same field as both the Springfield and Para-Ordnance I own with around 250 rounds each down the tubes. Not used to, nor do I use, the Hammer Lock as mine are not closet queens. Now to where this unit bites it owner is at the front of the grip at the point the Magazine base pad meets the front frame. If your pinkie finger Left or Right slide across the two edges of the magazine well mine will cut deep enough to draw blood.

~Audie Bell

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