Quick & Dirty Video: The Kel-Tec KSG 12-Gauge Pump in Action

By Woody published on in Firearms

The Kel-Tec KSG pump shotgun is a 12-gauge bullpup that’s as short as most submachine guns. The Cylinder bore barrel is 18.5 inches long, but the KSG is still shorter in OAL than the typical police shotgun with a 14-inch barrel. The gun will feed and chamber 3-inch ammunition, but 2.75-inch shotshells provide higher capacity and lower recoil. The accompanying video shows what it looks like in action:

We fitted our test gun with a vertical foregrip on the forend, an Insight MRDS atop the included Picatinny rail, and a flashlight. Because the forward hand sits further back than on a conventional pumpgun, the vertical foregrip helps the shooter get enough leverage to rack the slide.

It uses two tube magazines, allowing the shooter to use different ammunition types simultaneously, such as slugs and buckshot. Placing the selector switch in the middle permits loading directly to the chamber.

As you can see from the video, recoil is on par with a Remington 870. After complaints in the initial production, the trigger now resets properly during the pumping cycle.

Also, the magazines now have witness holes to show load status, the butterfly slide release is larger, and raceways have been added to guide cartridges to the magazines.

All the controls are large and ambidextrous and can be operated from the firing grip.

To read more about the KSG, click here.

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