Quick Camping Tip: Perform a Gear Check

By Suzanne Wiley published on in Camping & Survival

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping TipPlanning a camping trip soon? You need to perform an equipment check before heading out. Give yourself at least a week to replace broken, torn or damaged gear.

Pull your tent, sleeping bag, blankets, tarp and cooking gear out and set up camp in the backyard. Depending on where you store your gear, especially in garages or attics, there is a high probability that rats and bugs may have infiltrated your equipment. Check tents, sleeping bags and air mattress for holes, leaks and other damage.

Picutre shows a gray, blue and black tent set up in the backyard of someone's house.

Planning a camping trip soon? You need to perform an equipment check before heading out.

For minor holes, you can patch your tent up with a repair kit. If it is still in great shape, reinforce it with a seam sealer if you have not already done so and then spray it down with a waterproof spray.

Propane will store for a very long time, but double-check your camp stove’s fuel tanks for leaks.

Cracked and broken plastic plates, forks and cups will need replaced. To save money, shop Cheaper Than Dirt! For cooking gear that really lasts, invest in metal, such as enameled stainless steel. My coffee percolator and matching cups purchased over 15 years ago are still in excellent condition.

For a detailed review on performing a gear check on your camping equipment, read “Preparing Your Gear for Spring Camping.”

What is included in your gear check? Tell us any essential details we left out in the comment section.


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    The big thing is to give yourself plenty of time to do it right. Your camping gear,disaster gear, earthquake kit,and bug out gear will probably have a lot of overlap. You can plan for a camping trip. But the others will blind side you. Plan a family week end twice a year and overhaul all kits at one time.This will keep you ready. This will teach your kids to plan, think ahead, be ready. When disaster comes you may not be around. If your kids know your gear they will have a fighting chance! A 5 year old can stand up and be the man if YOU have given him a little knowledge.


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