Quick Camping Tip: Five Essential Survival Items

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Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping TipYou planned, organized, created lists and prepared all your meals. After checking everything and getting it all packed, you feel confident you have everything you need for your camping trip. However, you might not have thought about these five essential survival items to take with you, just in case.

Even the most luxurious camping trip can have tragic consequences; bad weather, accidents, bears and getting lost are quite probable during even the shortest of trips. Pack these five items in your bag to secure your survival.

1. Emergency Tent

Rips from critters, bear attacks or even a horrible hailstorm can ruin your tent. An emergency Mylar tent will help you get through the night. The material acting as an insulator, the emergency tent can also double as a blanket on unexpected cold nights.

2. Signal

A whistle or signal mirror will alert others of your location if you float too far from shore, are lost searching for firewood or got astray while hiking.

Picture shows a red tent pitched on rocky terrain atop a mountain.

Such a beautiful spot to pitch a tent. However, if there is an accident, you will need to call for medical attention. A solar charger keeps your phone on.

3. Fishing Kit

If you do not secure your food properly, bears and raccoons can ransack your supplies. If you are camping anywhere near water, an emergency fishing kit will come in handy to secure dinner. You can buy a commercial emergency fishing kit or make your own—put a hook and line inside a mint tin or old medicine bottle.

4. Solar Charger

You should never leave all communications behind. Primitive camping and hike-in spots will not have electricity. Take a solar charger with you to keep your cell phone charged in case you need to call 911.

5. Personal Water Filter

We know that water is essential to our survival. Do not depend on the water at your campsite to be potable. If you are packing in water, have a back-up source just in case you run out. A small, compact personal water straw such as the Aquamira Frontier personal water filter straw  or the LifeStraw allows you to drink straight from the source and takes up hardly any space in your pack.

What is the one essential item you take to ensure your survival? Share it with us in the comment section.


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