Practical D.O.P.E. for Long-Range Rifle Shooting

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Do you gather and organize D.O.P.E. (Data On Previous Engagements) to improve your long-range rifle shooting? In this National Shooting Sports Foundation video, Ryan Cleckner discusses what information to gather and how to make it handy enough to access under any shooting conditions. The goal of D.O.P.E. is to allow you to repeat previous performances when you shoot.


0:51 “Try D.O.P.E.” is data that’s available before you collect your own — published ballistics information, ammunition specs, and so on.

1:05 It’s important to gather unique data for you, your rifle, and your optics.

1:15 Discussion of ballistic data available on ammo boxes and how to use it to get started.

2:15 How and why to use a preprinted D.O.P.E. book and it’s limitations.

3:10 How to store and use index cards to collect D.O.P.E.

3:30 Why a contractor’s pencil is invaluable for writing down information reliably.

4:00 How to use a manufacturer’s bullet-drop compensator and how to make your own.

4:30 How to use masking tape to place D.O.P.E. inside your scope cover.

4:50 Taping D.O.P.E. index card directly onto the buttstock.

5:05 Features of a Retractable Ballistic Tape.

6:00 Demonstration on 650-yard target. (Note: Downrange view is through a spotting scope, not the riflescope.)

Do you have a long range shooting tip? Share it with us in the comment section.

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    Flick: We all do so don’t sweat the petty stuff, I wish that had an editorial feature like some blogs do that let you correct the screw ups we missed the first time. It’s the thought that usually counts.


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