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Man with a pistol on his hip refilling a drink at a restaurant.

Abbott Signs Texas Open-Carry Law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed landmark open-carry legislation today, making the Lone Star State the 45th to recognize the right of modern handgun open carry. More than 800,000 Texans currently hold concealed-carry licenses, and they will be the ones who can take advantage of the new law beginning in 2016—and not before.

If you’ve got factory handgun grips (bottom) that are slick, then consider purchasing a textured set of grips, such as the VZ Gator Back grips (top) or others listed on Cheaper Than Dirt!

Handgun Grips: When Slick Just Won’t Do

A guest article by Jason Hanson

There are a lot of accessories around today that we can add to our various firearms. The AR-15 still takes the cake as the gun that you can do a million and one things to, but there are still plenty of options for changing around your handgun, too.