What the NRA Does for You: Programs Instruct and Protect Youth

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The recent upsurge in the gun control debate revolves around the protection and safety of our nation’s children. When introducing his 23 executive actions, President Obama shared the stage with some of the children who had written the president with pleas of stricter gun laws. However, the NRA has had multiple programs in place to educate and instruct children of all ages on firearm safety as well as programs to increase school security.

Eddie Eagle with a group of young students

The NRA Eddie Eagle GunSafe program reaches hundreds of thousands of children every year and instructs them what to do when they find an unattended gun.

One of the NRA’s most well-known programs is the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program. Started in 1988, NRA has taught the program too over 26 million children in all 50 states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. Child psychologists, teachers, law enforcement personnel, reading and curriculum specialists, and many other experts developed and regularly update the program.  The curriculum teaches a very simple plan of action for any child who finds a firearm: “STOP! Don’t Touch! Leave the Area! Tell an Adult.” The NRA does not make the program about safe gun ownership, the joys of shooting, or even use the program as advertisement; rather, they designed the program to instruct children to stay away from guns. The NRA supplies the materials at a relatively low-cost and also offers grants to help defer the costs of the program materials. The National Sheriffs’ Association, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Association of American Educators endorses and approves the Eddie Eagle program and rates is the best gun accident prevention program in a 2001 study published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing Online.

Recently, NRA CEO and EVP Wayne LaPierre introduced the School Shield Program. The NRA designed the program to screen and train volunteers to serve as school safety officers. The program will also allow for schools to decide on what security measures they feel they need or are in need of improvement.  Many detractors of this program say it would make the school less safe or make the school feel like a prison. Growing up in a post-Columbine era, I had an armed

Logo for the National School Shield Program

The NRA’s National School Shield Program is working hard to help make our nation’s schools safer.

Resource officer in the school from third grade onward; it didn’t make me feel any more vulnerable or scared. In fact, having a guard around the school made me feel safer knowing there was someone in the school who could protect us from a second Columbine scenario or an over-zealous ruffian. Former U.S. Congressman Asa Hutchinson leads the program. He also served as a United States Congressman, the Administrator of the DEA, as well as the Under Secretary of the Border and Transportation Security division of the Department of Homeland Security. Hutchinson stated that his primary focus is to protect the nation’s schools without costing the government great expense.
The NRA also has multiple youth programs that teach gun safety and responsible gun ownership. There is the National Youth Shooting Sport Cooperative Program that offers materials, information, fundraising, insurance, and grant money to the Boy Scouts, 4-H, JROTC, the FFA and many other similar groups. They also sponsor the Marksmanship Qualification Program, the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and many events geared toward families and youth groups. They give awards for the annual Wildlife Art Contest, Youth Essay Contest, and Outstanding Youth Achievement.

The NRA teams with a local American Legion post to provide young people of different ages a place to learn about and compete in Shooting Sports.

The NRA teams with a local American Legion post to provide young people of different ages a place to learn about and compete in shooting sports.

Additionally, the NRA offers a junior-level membership into the NRA.

So, while politicians debate on what to ban—and what not to ban—the NRA is working in your community to educate and protect our children. When debating on whether or not you think the NRA deserves your money and support, think about all they are doing in your community and for the youth in your life.

Support or Join the NRA today.

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  • Scott Brown, NM


    I am not an NRA or a CCRKBA member, nor am I a member of anything organized related to guns, I’m on their mailing lists. Some of my state-required training for gun ownership and CCW over the years in several states has included NRA materials, which I found were among the most professional I received and studied.

    I haven’t been involved in kitchen juicer/blender or natural-food-related organizations either, although I know they exist (I’m on their lists, too). I’ve been an owner of guns and health-food kitchen appliances for over 40 years, crazy me. I have the highest respect for people who join such organizations at the expense of their valuable time and money. I just don’t happen to be one of them (I may have contributed a few bucks and signed a few petitions from time to time, but hey).

    My responsibility as a patriot does not oblige me to own a juicer. My responsibility as a civilian does not oblige me to own a gun (though as a patriot citizen I personally believe it does). Yet I own both, and when they come for my organic non-GMO-stained blender they’ll be facing a gun. The reverse does not hold. You cannot defend gun rights, any rights, with a juicer or blender.

    The thing about rights, as American patriots discovered and proved at Lexington and Concord, is that rights can only, ultimately be defended with force of arms. (The Second Amendment didn’t specify “guns,” it said “arms.” At the time that meant knives, hatchets, bows, lances, swords, muskets, shotguns, rifles, and assorted cannon capable of firing exploding balls, grapeshot, cannister, chain, and whatever else you could throw at the enemy–many of these items, alone or in combination, are now illegal to own in the US.)

    The thing about gun rights which has been problematic, an obstacle for those who would deprive us of them, is that they’re self-defending (with a little human help). Give these rights up, and you’ve given up your right to own a blender, a garden, land, books, a dog or an exotic gold fish. None of these possession-rights are of much use in your personal defense OF them against anyone who would TAKE them).

    Except: guns. Guns, alone, are useful in your defense of all your rights, including your right to own guns…the logic becomes “round robin.” Small wonder the subject comes up incessantly in the corporate-controlled, government-lobby-sponsored media.

    Your owning a gun makes it harder to take the right to own a gun away from you, it makes it more dangerous to even try (unlike with goldfish). So, first, they must outlaw “dangerous.” Then outlaw the “supposed” right. Then outlaw the gun itself. Then, should they (THEY being a murderous dictator for instance, not that history has seen many, other than Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, a few Middle Eastern potentates, Attila, Ghengis Khan, Japanese shoguns, one or two others come to mind but let’s not get wild, here), should THEY decide to outlaw YOU, well, not much stands in their way, does it? “Law abiding” idiots go to the wall they obligingly built for the execution of “bad guys” who just didn’t “get it.” Then it’s their turn.

    And then they can have your juicer. (Yes indeed, they’ve arrested people for selling juicers, and gun-free England, incidentally, is now trying outlaw pointed kitchen knives, apparently such items being employed in crimes of violence against innocent, unarmed people who aren’t legally permitted to carry…kitchen knives. Next it will be power-grinders and whetstones, re-sharpening with intent, etc.)

    Does it ever occur to the ignorant populace (I assure you it HAS to government, and THEY don’t agree with the notion) that there are “crises that should be allowed to go to waste, for the good of the people?”

    That we can take better care of ourselves than they imagine? Or than THEY can do with more ordinances, proclamations, regulations, and laws? Of course not, it’s far from their best interest to allow such a thing as free, self-reliant, self-protecting citizens who refuse to be prey, or eat their salad foods and oven roasts whole.

    Such individuals–citizens–are “dangerous,” didn’t you know? Always have been, to Authority. Imagine how long it would take one of these TV personalities, working your job or on your income, to pay for one of their suits while their kids went hungry (your car is worth less than what they wear to work, and they’re probably protected by more guns than you could ever afford to own).

    Of course they want your guns. They’re scared of not owning ALL the guns.


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