NRA New Energy Profile: Matti Warren

By CTD Rob published on in General, News

To say high school senior Matti Warren is passionate about hunting and the Second Amendment would be an understatement. At only 12 years old, Matti testified in front of the Texas State Legislature on behalf of legalizing the crossbow for hunting. Watch her inspiring story at the link below and visit for more profiles!

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  • c mumford


    politicians should worry.—– let me see if i got this right??? first some nut kills somebody with a gun. then all the politicians namely lawyers, jump on the band wagon and try to take all the guns from all the people. namely 99.9% are law abiding citizens. so, when the lawyers finally get their way and there is no 2nd amendment…well, historically speaking, then the military that has just been silent on this matter jump in and…kill all the politicians…you know, like what happened in germany. then, we do have a real problem because we will not have any liberties. we will be living in a military state, you know, like syria, iran, and this is the scenario that is slowly being played out before our very eyes as i write this. so, what is the answer?? well, i would like to see the criminals just plain get shot when they carry or use a gun in the commission of a crime. look around you, what have we really got?? the citizenry of the usa has a 100 million underarmed people protecting all of us from enemies reaching our shores and taking over. realistically, why should any politician with a brain that works object to that??? want war??? the military already has all the ships, tanks, planes, rockets, and neuclear and biological weapons!!! having said that, guns do seem to NOT BE THAT BAD!!! in summary, POLITICIANS should worry. their very lives depend on them keeping the second amendment in place and strong.


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