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M&P15 Sport Rifle

One of the new products that S&W debuted at SHOT SHOW was the M&P15 Sport Rifle.  This is their new entry level M&P rifle, designed to get people shooting for less cash.  The big cost saving measures are found on the upper receiver – there is no forward assist, no dust cover, and the rear sight is imported.  MSRP on the rifle is $709, which means that you’ll be able to get it for a really good price.  The gas key and bolt carrier are chromed, the front sight is a standard A2 adjustable, and the gun comes with an A2 flash hider.

As an entry level rifle this is a pretty good steal; you get the S&W quality M&P15, one of the best AR pattern rifles on the market, you get a slick-side upper, and the total weight of the rifle is 6.5 pounds.  If I were buying a base rifle to build on, the M&P15 Sport would be a great platform for it.

You’ve got to feed the beast, however.  The M&P15 Sport comes with one 30 round PMag, and accepts .223 and 5.56 ammo.  Right now we’re offering a sale on .223 Remington ammo, which is an affordable way to feed your new AR from Smith & Wesson.  There were a lot of neat products at SHOT Show from S&W, this rifle has a lot of potential for getting in to the AR market for a reasonable cost.

Click here to purchase your own M&P15 Sport.

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  • Adam


    –Great MSRP on this gun, but can’t wait to see the “Street price”. They will sell a bunch of these.


  • Ben


    The DPMS Panther “Sportical” is about the same except the front gas block has a picatinny and is slick across the top. Comes with 2 mags, case, and cleaning kit. I got mine for $699. From what I understand it is pretty much the same gun as Bushmaster makes. I’ve since dolled it up a little with some accesories to suit me. All the usual add-ons fit fine and I’ve fed it all kinds of stuff from Wolf to PMC to Remington and never had a FTF. I like’em. Just my 2 cents…


  • ED


    Don’t forget there are ban compliant versions available as well for NY and CA. With best possible street price of $500, I’d pick one up and I’m sick of AR’s.


  • butcher


    just got one here in illinois,paid 659.99 lifetime warranty 33.00 total with tax and state fee 744 out the door after 24 hr wait, state law. also got tactical red dot scope,tri rail laser, and 250 lumen led tac light with remote handguard switch with strobe feature. for a grand total you can trick this baby out,where a rock river arms lar 15 .223 starts at 1100


  • Mike


    So I am half way through the CA waiting period and looking for a good scope/sight.

    Above the author writes,

    “If I were buying a base rifle to build on, the M&P15 Sport would be a great platform for it”

    Suggestions? Uppers for sure, what else would one think of?



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