Mossberg Tactical .22

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Mossberg recently released their entry into the rimfire AR-15 style rifle they’ve dubbed the Tactical .22. When creating their new rifle, Mossberg saw no reason to reinvent the wheel. They essentially put a 702 Plinkster inside an AR-15 style body. The Tactical .22 utilizes standard Plinkster magazines housed inside an AR style magazine body. Naturally it also has the Plinkster’s well-known accuracy and reliability.

Mossberg Tactical .22 pointing to the right on a white backgroundThough it doesn’t share any parts with the standard AR-15, at more than $100 less than the nearest comparable rifle, the Tactical .22 is a great bargain for a practice rifle when you don’t want to burn through more expensive .223 or 5.56 ammunition. The balance isn’t perfect, and the barrel length is 18 inches instead of 16.5 inches, but the rest of the ergonomics make it close enough. With an M4 style 6-position stock the length of pull is adjustable from 10-3/4 inches up to 14.5 inches which allows the rifle to fit small and large framed shooters.

Mossberg topped off the rifle with A2-style sights and included a rail for the AR-style carry handle to make mounting optics quick and easy. The factory included quad-rail seals the deal on the Tactical 22 and makes it easy to customize the rifle with lasers, lights, or even a vertical foregrip.

Some people use a dedicated .22 LR upper or .22 conversion kit to practice shooting an AR on the cheap. However, the Mossberg Tactical 22 is an affordable option that deserves consideration.

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