The Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun

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There are a number of great shotguns available and each has its own benefits. One of the main tactical advantages of the Mossberg 500 shotgun is the position of the shell lifter. When considering a shotgun for home defense, the position of the shell lifter can make a big difference in your ability to perform a tactical reload if necessary.

What’s a shell lifter? The shell lifter is the mechanism that takes a new shell from its position in the magazine tube and lifts it up into position in order for the slide to push it into the firing chamber. There are two basic positions for a shell lifter. It is either in the up position or the down position.

The Mossberg 500’s shell lifter stays in the up position until the slide is fully retracted. This can be a distinct advantage for you if a tactical reload is required.

This means you can load shells much easier in your shotgun during a reload. If you have a shotgun in which the shell lifter stays down during the process of loading, you could experience a problem. The main problem being that your thumb can get stuck between the end of the shell lifter and the magazine tube. Mossberg had an excellent idea when they designed the Mossberg 500 shell lifter to stay in an up position during the entire loading process and therefore doesn’t have this problem.

Here are some links to a couple of different models that are available:

As in all things, do your own research before making a decision about what type of firearm to use or purchase. Take the necessary time to learn the advantages and the disadvantages of a firearm before you make a decision. Check the manufacturer’s website, check with your local gunsmith, or check with your friends. Your friends will almost always let you know if there is a specific problem with a firearm you may be contemplating using or purchasing. All firearms have their strong points and their weak points. You will ultimately have to decide what will work the best for you. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for learning how your firearm works and its capabilities and its limitations.

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