Why the Mossberg 464 SPX Doesn’t Suck

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I know what most of you are thinking, why in the name of Zeus’ derriere would anyone want a tactical lever action rifle? We mentioned this strange little lever action during SHOT Show a few weeks ago, and it received exactly the response we thought it would. I have to admit, when I first looked at this rifle, I squinted in agony. I looked at the Mossberg sticker on my cubicle wall and sighed, and then I walked outside, put my hands up, and yelled, “Why Mossberg? Why!” When I came back to my senses however, I began to see the rifle as something different. My immediate disgust and hatred slowly turned to mild tolerance. I began to look at the rifle like an ugly little stray dog, chambered in .30-30.

Mossberg 464 SPX

I have always applied strange criteria when selecting firearms for ownership. I typically try to justify the purchasing of a gun by tying to a specific purpose. I have a bird hunting 12-gauge shotgun, an excellent .270 deer rifle, I have a home defense shotgun, a home defense pistol, varminter rifles, and bug out rifles, the list goes on. When I looked at the Mossberg 464 SPX something strange crossed my mind for the first time. Does a gun have to have a specific purpose? While pondering this thought, I realized that just shooting that silly looking thing might actually be kind of fun. I love lever action rifles; I also love tactical rifles; so why not combine them? Who cares if it’s goofy. I have a gun for virtually every purpose I can think of, so why not buy a gun, just to buy a gun.

Mossberg 464 SPX Hammer

Mossberg 464 SPX Hammer

Some people have complained that Mossberg has lost focus. They ask what the point and purpose is to taking an existing product, and making it tacticool. They say that Mossberg should put their time and money into perfecting current issues in some of their designs, instead of coming out with simple money-making products that are nothing more than tactical versions of the same old guns. Those naysayers should remember that Mossberg is a company whose very purpose of existing is to generate money, not perfect every gun design on earth. Their first priority is their bottom line, and you can’t blame them for making sure the numbers hit where they are supposed to. I think it’s an intelligent move in the current economy, to take a tried and true gun, make it modern, and sell the crud out of it.

Mossberg 464 SPX Receiver

Mossberg 464 SPX Receiver

As far as my intentions for the rifle go, I really don’t intend to use it as anything more than a range toy. It could be mildly useful as a hog gun. I could hand it to one of my non-gun buddies who decided tag along on a hunting trip. I would feel more comfortable with a novice shooting something that wasn’t semi-automatic anyway. It will most definitely use it as a conversation piece when showing off the gun safe. I could even call it my zombie apocalypse lever action. Why not have a ridiculous gun for an equally ridiculous scenario. It will be nice to have something in the safe that few other people have, since most of my guns are quite common.

So at the end of the day, I suspect that some shooters who can’t find a role for this little tactical saddle gun will scoff at it. I will most likely just smile and think about how much fun it will be mounting a cheap laser sights, vertical grips, red dots, and flashlights on Mossberg’s lever action SPX.

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