Don’t Let Your Middle Finger Get ‘Mistaken’ For Firearm

By Woody published on in Consumer Information, News

If you carry a gun in the car, using your middle finger can get you in as much trouble as using your trigger finger. Watch what happened to a Law Shield Member after he flipped the bird in traffic. It just goes to show that any aggressive actions gun-carriers make can land them in legal hot water.


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  • Glock Guy


    This is old, not a new subject, from a few months back.


  • Bradford


    state by state rules are different the only consistency is if you draw shoot to kill , by exposing your gun without using it you are threatening instead of threatened


  • Bill


    I am generally the same sort of person armed as unarmed. The presence or absence of my firearm does not influence my behavior.

    When I was considering purchasing my first firearm (I was being stalked by a man I knew to be prone to violence) I had a “heart to heart” talk with myself over the course of a couple weeks, asking myself if I was level-headed enough to carry a firearm.

    I decided that I was. So far, so good. I have the right to keep and bear arms, but only if I can do so without threat to innocent others. I can. I have. And, I suspect, I will continue on this same course.

    If I ever pull and point my pistol, it will be with the intent of using it to stop a threat to my life or that of an innocent other. The time allowed to cease the criminal aggression and either offer to surrender or flee will, of necessity, be brief. Beyond that, I will shoot for effect.


  • Mel


    Most people find that the are more compassionate and friendly when they carry. This is true for me as my ultimate aim is to avoid and deescalate.


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