Maine’s New Constitutional Carry Law Cuts Reciprocity With Several States

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Effective October 15, 2015, if you have a Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Virginia handgun license, you need to know that your state-issued carry license is no longer valid in Maine, U.S. Law Shield advised its members in a special alert.

Recent developments in Maine law have made dramatic changes to both reciprocity and the conditions under which both residents and non-residents can carry a concealed handgun in the state. As of October 15, Maine no longer recognizes any out-of-state handgun license from states that do not recognize a Maine concealed handgun license.

This comes as a result of Maine enacting a type of constitutional carry earlier this year, with the law recently becoming effective.

cover of Maine's handgun laws book

Recent developments in Maine law have made dramatic changes to both reciprocity and the conditions under which both residents and non-residents can carry a concealed handgun in the state.

U.S. Law Shield and Texas Law Shield’s President Kirk Evans said, “For folks in one of the states where Maine does not recognize your carry license, this means you can still carry in Maine, but subject to a few unusual and important exceptions you need to know.”

What this means is that anyone 21 or older who can legally possess a firearm can carry a concealed handgun in Maine without any type of permit or license. Active military and honorably discharged veterans age 18-20 can also carry concealed.

Further, anyone who meets the age requirement and is legally entitled to possess a handgun may have one loaded in their vehicle, trailer, or other vehicle being towed. However, locations that were previously off-limits for concealed carry will remain off-limits, including courthouses, federal buildings, bars, etc.

Evans added that without a valid license, you also cannot carry in the following places: Acadia National Park, state parks (open carry not permitted), and employee’s vehicles on work premises (vehicle must be locked and firearm must not be visible).

Evans said, “A valid and recognized license is still required to carry a handgun into these locations, and your Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas or Virginia license will not satisfy that requirement. However, Oklahoma and Missouri state-issued licenses are recognized in Maine at this time.”

To sum up, Evans concluded, if you live in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, and have a license issued by one of those states, you can carry a concealed handgun in Maine even though your carry license is not recognized. “Just be sure to avoid any prohibited areas,” he said, “and if you have any questions, give us a call.”

Similar to many states, if you are carrying concealed without a permit and are pulled over by Maine law enforcement, you have a duty to immediately inform the officer that you are carrying a concealed handgun.

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Comments (41)

  • Thor


    How come it is legal for someone with absolutely NO concealed carry permit but having a permit from one of the named states IS illegal? With this rationale what about a LEOSA permit which is federal and overrides any state law making it legal to carry concealed nationwide??


  • Michael


    Why a NationWide reciprocity Constitutional Carry to Legal Americans needs to be Enacted As a Back up Law to recognize the US Bill of Right 2nd Amendment.And amy Unlawful reaction in the Anti Gun Free zone areas in the Fifty will be considered treason and Imprisonment and Or Banishment from America needs to get done. Especially with Anti America refugees and Illegal and legal Aliens Socialist In America now with Communist like Bloomberg,Clintons and many more Low lifes who call themselves Americans !


  • James


    The state of GA is an open carry state, BUT only for long guns. You cannot open or CC a hand gun without a CCW permit. Limited situations you can. (not very many though). It is nice to know the other states laws.


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