M1 Garand — Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

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In this episode of the new Shoot Fast! series, CTD Team Shooter Jerry Miculek takes the legendary M1 Garand out to the range to see just how fast he can shoot it.

At the front of the 18:44 video, Jerry talks about the development of the rifle, its wartime use, and cartridge design and variations.

The Shoot Fast! part starts around 11:10, when Jerry shoots 6 rounds into a single paper target at 7 yards. He’s using 150-grain Greek M2 ball ammo loaded into clips (not magazines) unique to the rifle.

The first shot from low ready gets out at .71 seconds, with a total time of 1.56 seconds for the 6-shot string. The split times are around .17 seconds.

“You can see the firepower of the M1 coming into play every 17 hundredths of a second,” Jerry says. “Pretty impressive.”

He later wards off an attack by six charging soda bottles.



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