Katie Couric Slammed for Deceptive ‘Gun Rights’ Documentary

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Google-search “Katie Couric, gun control, edited” and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Actually, you’ll see what most news organizations are talking about.
Fox News: Katie Couric slammed for ‘deceptive’ documentary about gun rights

Washington Post: Audiotape: Katie Couric documentary falsely depicts gun supporters as “idiots”

New York Times: Audio of Katie Couric Interview Shows Editing Slant in Gun Documentary, Site Claims

Reason: Katie Couric Anti-Gun Doc Deceptively Edited to Suggest Gun Rights Activists Don’t Have Answers

The Blaze: Katie Couric Documentary Accused of Deceptively Editing Gun Rights Activists—Here’s the Evidence

Washington Free Beacon: Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activists

Daily Caller: Katie Couric Edited Gun Documentary to Silence Pro-Gun Opinions

Katie Couric statement on gun control edits

Couric even admitted she knew about the edits in her apology statement.

The articles’ titles pretty much tell the story, but the details go something like this: Couric has produced a documentary promoting gun control. Lest there be any confusion on that point, the documentary’s website says that its partners include Everytown, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and other anti-gun groups. And it urges people to “Reject the NRA” and to contact lawmakers, urging them to support background check legislation and other gun control efforts.

In the documentary, Couric interviews members of a local, Virginia-based pro-Second Amendment group. She asks them why they don’t support “universal” background check legislation. What is shown on camera thereafter is the interviewees sitting speechless for a full nine seconds, after which time the video cuts away, as if they never figured out an answer and the cameraman gave up and turned the camera off. The implication? Couric had proven once and for all that gun control opponents are incapable of producing a single argument against gun control.

But an audio-only tape of the interview, available here, proves that several of those being interviewed answered Couric immediately and at considerable length. Couric’s team simply deleted their answers, and inserted the “speechless” video footage in their place.

The articles linked above make clear that Couric and her director, Stephanie Soechtig, set out not to “document” anything, but to persuade viewers to adopt their anti-gun views. All of this reminds us that Couric is the same political activist that she has always been, first as a “journalist” that would bend the truth to propagandize audiences, and now as a “filmmaker” that will do the same.

According to CNN, Couric says she is “very proud of the film.” Her hubris notwithstanding, it remains to be seen if Couric’s legacy is forever tainted—as it should be—from her attempt to mislead the American public into believing a false narrative on gun control.

Dramatic editing or intentional deception? Share your feeling about Couric’s “documentary” in the comment section.

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Comments (48)

  • MIKE H


    VOTE TRUMP ! ! 2016.



  • Lauren V


    Wow, I’m not surprised. It’s amazing what a bit of editing can do to slant a film. You can take a totally normal person and make them look ridiculous by splicing an interview. Although I’m guessing what she did is legal, it’s totally unethical.


  • Dan


    The truth and/or facts have no meaning to liberals like Couric when they are trying to advance an agenda. For them, failure isn’t an option, it’s a way of life that they keep on trying to justify with lies and deception. It’s a good thing so many of us know better than to believe anything they say.
    Oh BTW, someone should explain to Couric the difference between a documentary and an op ed.


  • Gene


    Consider the source… Would you expect anything less from a person like her?. The general population seems to believe, or be swayed by the media of their choice and they all seem to have their own little spin on words they seem to add into the interview until there caught, and when they are there doesn’t seem to be any apparent shame on their part and of course the interviewer will change the subject right away. What happened to unbiased media and truthful reporting they flat out lie….and no one seems to care or they actually believe BS there feeding us. Unfortunately I am totally handicapped and I have time to find some form of entertainment. The thing I miss the most is not being able to fire any of my weapon’s, target practice and hunting


  • TourDeForce


    South Park got it right!

    “One Katie Couric is equivalent to approximately 3 and a half pounds of excrement.”


    • Dan



      You’re giving her way too much credit!


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