Miss Kansas Receives Death Threats for Hunting

By Ace Luciano published on in News

I attend a great deal of both outdoor trade shows and consumer shows over the course of a given year, with many of them concentrated between January and April. Recently, I attended the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas, the National Rifle Association great outdoors show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and the 2014 Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was fortunate at each of these events to meet with numerous hunters, outdoorsmen and women and discuss some of the issues of today facing today’s hunters.

Miss Kansas

Miss Kansas is a hunter, serves our country as a National Guard member, and speaks to schoolchildren against bullying, and yet people are threatening to kill her for her pro-hunting message.

There is a great deal to be concerned about out there. Many people are aware of the plight of Melissa Bachman, and her castigation for shooting a lion in South Africa last year. When I spoke with Melissa at the Shot Show, she had received over 1600 anonymous death threats as well as numerous threats of vandalism and violence against her relative’s and her property. Somebody bought her background information and posted her name, address, phone number and email as well as her parents’ information and advocated vandalism and violent acts against them. The police had to add extra officers to patrol her neighborhood.

Fortunately, so far the threats have been just that—threats, with no action.

Many people heard about the auction of the black rhinoceros hunt by Dallas Safari Club this year, which raised over $350,000.00 to directly benefit black rhino conservation in the host country, Namibia. The animal auctioned was one that had been targeted for cull (killing) anyway, as it was past breeding and was a threat to other rhinos. The gentleman that bought that hunt now travels with a 24/7 security detail because of the thousands of threats to his personal safety.

Finally, I was fortunate enough to be granted an audience with this year’s Miss Kansas and Miss USA contestant and finalist, Theresa Vail. Theresa is everything that anyone and I would want my own daughters to aspire to be. She is smart, attractive, funny and serves in the Army National Guard while studying to become a dentist. She loves to hunt and fish, and she is an active advocate against bullying of all kinds. As a matter of fact, she speaks on a weekly basis to schools across the country on that and other topics.

Since her revelation on a televised, international platform that she is an active hunter and conservationist who believes in the North American conservation model of sustained use, she has also received numerous threats of violence and defamation against her. Now, one could argue that there are numerous scientifically proven benefits to hunting in the North American conservation model. The right to keep and bear arms is written into our country’s constitution so that never again will we be ruled by a single monarch or ruling class. You could also point to the numerous studies that show that giving value to an animal as a game animal benefits its population in 100% of the cases where it was done, and yes, that includes rhinoceroses and elephants.

The problem is that there will always be a vocal minority with access to social networks and media as well as an extremely well funded rapid response team of anti-hunters and activists out there to do whatever it takes to get their message out. No one should have to hide their passions for hunting and shooting. The fact that these three individuals have received so much directed against them is quite appalling.

The same people that would advocate against the killing of animals for any reason see no problem in advocating murder and violence against someone who does.

Even more concerning is the fact that there are people out there that are fellow HUNTERS that, even with their knowledge of hunting rules and ethics, conservation, ecology, the economics of hunting and shooting, and the benefits to animals that are hunted, still make comments like, “I am a hunter, but I don’t believe in shooting lions or elephants or rhinos.” We, as the hunting collective, need to hang together or we will all surely hang separately.

What do you think? Are you “On the fence?” Let us know in the comments section below.

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Comments (35)

  • TrajunMai


    I agree with Ace, Ive seen what Social Media can be used for and I for one would be quite please to see laws making it a criminal offense to use Social Media to target and individual to bully or intimidate or move someone away from what is there established lifestyle. Its a free country, but it seems that there are those who dont seem to understand that, or understand that but simply dont care.


  • Rain man


    And it is these same individuals that will kill their babies and euthanise grandma. They have no regard for human life and revere that of animals..


  • Northerner


    im sorry you have to deal with so many idiots the way you have over an issue as simple as hunting that has been going on since the beginning of man (and animal for that matter). Hunting is a necessity in the circle of life, it keeps populations down AND healthy and to think people would wish death upon someone for doing something they enjoy that also helps conservation in so many ways disgusts me!
    These people certainly have some serious brain defects in the way they think and act and i hope they are caught and locked away for a long time.

    i wish you the best in your life’s endeavors and good luck with all your future hunts and God bless for serving your country!


  • Carey


    The people who make threats are largely like the loud dog that rushes out barking at the top of its lungs – most of them will scurry backwards if you yell “Shoo” and jump at them (admittedly, a few won’t). The people and dogs that I worry about are those that approach silently from the rear (you know what I mean if you’ve ever seen a dog approaching a stranger with the definite intention to “heel” his target!) Situational awareness and a CCW are about the best one can do against those people, but those who would act out their bambi-saving Rambo fantasies should be aware that the young lady has apparently already hung several “trophies”, and she probably didn’t “scare them to death”.


  • Caroline


    Have you noticed that it’s the “brain washed” Obamabots that run screaming into the wind regarding hunting/fishing/outdoor sports and the like. Yet, they may be the first to tell you that most of their time is spent behind a game controller “killing” the bad guys on some mindless video game.

    As stated… yuh don’t want to hunt, don’t hunt. When you want a burger, do to the local burger joint and eat one of those “downer cow burgers”. Don’t like guns; put a sign on your front door “gun free zone” and go from there. See what that gets you.

    But, for those of us that do hunt, eat wild game, fish, and fowl, give us the benefit of just zipping your lip and go on about your business.


  • Ace



    It is refreshing to know that there are so many of you out there that have the same opinions as I do on this.
    You know, that’s the thing about those that I consider on “the other side.”
    You don’t like hunting. Okay, then don’t hunt.
    You don’t like guns? Fine. Don’t buy one.
    I don’t FORCE you to hunt, just like I don’t FORCE you to own a gun.
    You would FORCE your will on this young woman…
    So much for “tolerance,” don’t you think??



  • Michael Goolesby


    Its stories like this one that really get my blood flowing! I’m grew up in Alabama. I have spent the better part of my life in hunting and fishing camps all over the south east. Hunting and fishing with men and woman black and white. I’m appalled when I hear this of another fellow outdoors man as in human! Yes I’m sure we’ve all heard and can argue the extraordinary benefits to conservation. If you know anything at all about the outdoors conservation is one of the main reasons we do it.
    The times we live in now are extremely difficult if one is in the public’s eye. With all the social media and smart technology we have today, one has to be different. You have to have thick skin for now everyone that has a phone or computer thinks that just because they have an opinion they have to do whatever it takes to get it heard no matter who’s feelings and safety they jeoperdize. I do hope and prey nothing ever happens to Miss Kansas. I also hope that one day we will have more technology to be able to track down these faceless cowards as well as laws to deter anyone else from threatening another ones life. If those people could channel all that energy towards something constructive we all would be better off.


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