Jerry Miculek Sets New Record with S&W .500 Magnum – 5 Shots in 1 SECOND

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The World's Fastest Shooter Jerry Miculek

Cheaper Than Dirt! team shooter Jerry Miculek is at it again. This time setting a new record of five rounds on target as fast as possible with a stock Smith & Wesson 500 revolver! All caught on video and at high speed. Jerry used Hornady 500 S&W 300 gr FTX ammunition in this test of shooting power against the time clock.



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Comments (3)

  • DB Cooper


    I have a hard time believing this video. I am nowhere near the league Jerry but I have shot the .500 before and controlling it for one shot was impossible and Jerry makes it look like he’s shooting +P 38′s


  • John Szewczyk


    Wow,once again a great video with one of the best and fastest shooter Jerry M.
    of team S&W.That handgun packs quite the power punch..!!I can’t wait until Jerry M. S&W model 929 9mm revolver becomes available for order…..Cheers..!!


  • kenneth kaplan


    I have fired the same S&W 500. I can say that you will mess the cylinder. S&W states that the trigger has to reset it self. This means that the trigger has to go to were it started. Rapid fire will throe the cylinder off rotation. It has to be sent back to the factory. It took me three times in department quails.


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