Jerry Miculek: Quick Scoping with an AR-15

By CTD Lady Blogger published on in Shooting Techniques

Jerry performs an amazing feat of marksmanship: shooting a grape from low ready, with the safety on, in half a second with reaction time!


  • S&W M&P-15
  • Viking Tactics Upper
  • Hornady 40-grain V-MAX
  • Hogue stock and G-10 grip
  • 1×6 Vortex Razor HD II
  • Jerry Miculek Muzzlebrake



What’s your best shot? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (3)

  • DJ Arnoldo


    Best fruit salad recipe ever! Great work, Jerry.


  • Jason


    Hi Mr. Miculek,

    -My name is Jason and I live in the “live free or die state”, which in recent years has begun to shift to the fart left in my humble opinion. I was wondering, what needs to be done to an AR-15, I have a Colt model that ends in “LE” I’m assuming that is the abbreviation for “law enforcement”. Any way, I was wondering what needs to be done to a stock Colt Firearms AR in order to fit a “sound suppressor” to it? And what type would you recommend for it? If you could answer these questons that would be great, if not I understand.

    -Thank you so much for your time, JayRod.


  • John Franco


    Wow! I was like “what grape?!?” That is some amazing God given skill. Thank you for the video, it definitely made my morning and I will certainly share it with my friends. Good day to you sir!


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