Iowa Becomes 42nd State to Pass Hearing Protection Legislation

By Dave Dolbee published on in News

One more state finally gets it! The movies are not reality and suppressors are not dangerous in the hands of citizens. In fact, they have several beneficial applications in hunting and target shooting as well as protecting the shooter and those in the immediate surrounding area.

This week, on Thursday, March 31, Governor Terry Branstad (R) signed House File 2279, the Hearing Protection Act, into law. HF 2279 passed the House of Representatives with a 74-24 vote and the Senate with an overwhelming, bipartisan 46-4 vote. HF 2279 will go into effect immediately.

Supressor Selection

Suppressors are a great addition to most any caliber. They make shooting fun and reduce the chance of negatively affecting your hearing or those around you. In a home defense scenario, this is a serious consideration.

This makes Iowa the 42nd state to pass such legislation and legalize sound suppressors to be sold, used, and possessed. It also makes Iowa the 38th state to legalize suppressors for use while hunting.

The Suppressor Benefits

Suppressors foster a safer and more enjoyable shooting and hunting experience and will help ensure the propagation of Iowa’s rich hunting heritage while protecting the hearing of the shooter.

Suppressors also reduce the felt recoil of the shot. This, combined with the noise reduction, help to increase accuracy—especially with new shooters by reducing the tendency to flinch or anticipate the recoil. Less flinching allows the shooter to better focus on the mechanics of the shot and sight alignment. However, the biggest benefit is undeniably the hearing protection of the shooter and those who may be in the immediate vicinity.

As a side note, personally, I would like to see more suppressors issued to our men and women of the armed services. Far too many from each conflict either come home with hearing loss or develop it years later as a result. But for now, I’ll celebrate Iowa’s victory and await the day when a few more “straggler states” finally adopt common sense legislation to protect the hearing of its residents.

Let’s not forget where we owe credit for this victory. Far too often we celebrate the victory in silence without giving our due to the lawmakers, 2A groups and individuals who made it happen. Representative Matt Windschitl, Representative Terry Baxter and Governor Branstad all signed the bill and played a role in in its being brought for a vote. As for the grassroots effort, NRA members, Iowa Firearms Coalition, and the American Suppressor Association all deserve a tip of our hats for joining the fight for our Second Amendment rights.

Do you own a suppressor? Have you ever shot one? What suppressor tips can you share with other readers of The Shooter’s Log?

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  • Hide Behind


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    • ss1


      @Hide Behind:

      Hi, I tried to come to your defense yesterday, but I don’t think my post got approved by the moderator. Sometimes those moderators don’t get my sense of humor.

      I like many of your past posts, and I like your backwoods background, and I believe that if you killed any cats then it was for good reason.

      Also, your last sentence above…..”Some of todays cat lovers”…… ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! THAT IS CLASSIC!! I have a cat lover living right next door to me, and she is a perfect example and one of the worst neighbors I’ve ever had.


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