Intro To 3 Gun Firearms With Lena and Kay Miculek

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In this 5:58 video, Lena and Kay Miculek give a basic intro to entry- and pro-level guns used for 3 Gun/multi-gun competition. Here is a partial transcript:

Kay: What you want to remember about the equipment we are going to cover is these are entry-level, stock guns.

Lena: The best thing about these stock guns is that as you progress, you can modify them and make them as good as you want to.

Kay: Let’s start with the rifle. I have here a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 OR rifle. The OR stands for optics ready. You get it from Smith & Wesson as a flat top that you can attach your optics to. It has a 16-inch barrel with a flash hider, fairly short forend, and a collapsible stock. The only change I’ve made to the base gun is a new trigger, a JP Enterprises trigger with a match hammer and trigger sear. A trigger job is paramount. That’s probably the first upgrade we almost always make.

Lena: On mine, I have a Barnes precision 14-inch handguard. The best thing about having a really long handguard is in three gun you don’t know what kind of props or positions you’ll be shooting in. With a long handguard, you don’t have to worry about what the rifle is resting on. Also, I have a JM muzzle brake, or compensator. It helps control the gun during fast shooting. I also have the AR Gold Trigger and a Hogue rubber grip. But what I’ve done on mine is sanded off the finger grooves.

Kay: A handgun that will take you all the way through competition is a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm. This particular one is a 4-inch model. Right out-of-the-box, it is ready to go, except for a trigger job. We also add fiber-optic front sights by Hi-Vis.

Lena: On mine, it’s pretty much the same, except I use the Smith & Wesson Pro series pistol. It has a 5-inch barrel. I also have the Hi-Vis front and rear sights. On the pistol, I’ve taken off the backstrap to make it smaller. So that when I do mag changes, I don’t have to shift the gun in my hand.

Kay: The third gun is the shotgun. What we have here is the Jerry Miculek 930 Pro Series from Mossberg. Great gun, Jerry had a lot of input on the design of this gun. This particular gun is the 24-inch-barrel model with a nine-shot extension. So, it carries a total of 10 rounds. It is pretty much ready from the factory to jump into competition.

Lena: On mine, this is the one I actually used to win a world shotgun championship. The only thing I’ve done to this gun, I have a welded-up loading gate to close the gap in the front of the loading gate so it won’t pinch my thumb when loading. It’s like a $30 upgrade. I would recommend it. I also have the X-Rail magazine tube, which holds 10 in the tube, so I can load 11 in my gun. I also have a Hi-Viz Xcoil recoil pad and a Hi-Viz front sight.




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