‘I Will Not Obey Orders for Americans to Surrender Their Arms’

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Thousands of activist gun owners, angered over Connecticut’s Orwellian “Gun Violence Prevention and Child Safety Act,” gathered at the State Capitol in Hartford on a cooler-than-predicted Saturday in early April.

David Codrea at the Podium

Photo © 2014 J. Codrea. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

They were fed up with opportunistic politicians exploiting the Newtown tragedy at the expense of freedom, and they were furious and defiant that many owners of semiautomatic rifles and standard-capacity rifle and handgun magazines, who had defied a registration deadline, were now considered criminals.

To my surprise, I had been invited to give the keynote address. I’m not from that state and my dealings with Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the group organizing the rally, had been mostly internet-based. Perhaps one reason for the invitation was a “GUNS Magazine” column I’d written a few months earlier defending Constitution State gun owners, some of whom lined up late to register their magazines and rifles before the mandated deadline.

When I stood to speak in Hartford, what I saw was a crowd fired up and united in opposing and working to roll back the gun ban. Judging from the vocal responses, the assembled Connecticut gun owners were supportive of calls to work within the system to elect the right candidates and defeat the wrong ones, in both parties, and to appeal to the courts, as CCDL and NRA are doing in Shew v Malloy.

Also, the rally gave me a chance to learn some new things firsthand, and to reinforce some assumptions I brought to the event. Here are five areas that stand out:

  1. There was a happy and energetic gentleman waving an American flag behind the speakers’ podium. I found out he was an Albanian immigrant who had become a citizen, and his enthusiasm gave us the priceless reminder that freedom is a joyous thing to be celebrated.
  2. Members of the audience made it clear they were not going to tolerate infringements requiring them to register and/or surrender their firearms, putting state officials on notice that they had just grabbed a tiger by the tail.
  3. Patriots from many states and organizations showed up at the rally in support of their Connecticut brothers and sisters. Contingents from West Virginia, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, and others, as well as representatives from Oath Keepers and NRA, all made the trek to New Hampshire at their own effort and expense. How different this grassroots movement is from the Bloomberg-funded, fraudulently-named “Everytown,” where people have to be transported and subsidized in order to get a handful of sign-holders, so that the media can portray shredding freedom as a populist undertaking.
  4. In spite of everything, the antis claim, and in spite of rally attendees showing up in various stages of anger and defiance, guns, and plenty of them, were not a problem. Many demonstrators came armed. Everyone conducted themselves peaceably, respectful of each other. Safety was the order of the day — there was certainly no sign of inappropriate activity, carelessness, negligence, or any inclination or intent to harm or victimize other human beings. That’s not the way good people act, and the presence of a tool does not change that — if anything, it makes responsible gun owners conduct themselves even more courteously. It’s the way we are.
  5. “Sportsmen” are patriots, too. The Venator Foundation, an affiliate of the Dallas Safari Club, generously donated two tables at their gourmet wild game dinner to CCDL volunteers. That gesture illustrates that though many of us differ in terms of our preferred guns and activities, ultimately we are on the same team. Those of us who don’t hunt need to support the rights of those who do. And vice-versa.

Now the time for sustained work is upon us, as elections draw near and an expensive lawsuit wends its way through the courts. Will gun owners everywhere realize that their shoulders are needed at the wheel?

You can view Codrea’s speech in the video players below. For other speeches, videographer Palin Smith has posted them on his You Tube channel.

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A long-time gun rights activist and grassroots leader, David Codrea has been writing professionally on the subject of the right to keep and bear arms since 1999. Initially writing for GUNS & AMMO magazine, then moving on to HANDGUNS before spending the last eight years at GUNS, where he is a field editor producing the monthly Rights Watch column.
Codrea was named Gun Rights Defender of the Month in April, 2007 by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for persuading the Bush administration to strike collective rights language from the Federal Register in an FAA ruling. In 2011, he was named Journalist of the Year by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work exposing the Fast and Furious ATF gun walking scandal, and was a co-recipient of Soldier of Fortune Magazine’s 2nd Amendment Freedom Fighter Award, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership’s David and Goliath Award for his work on that story.

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Comments (20)

  • Marty


    There again you have to look at who/what you are dealing with. Text misspelling tree huggers that couldn’t survive a week without a grocery store. Much less provide shelter and be comfortable. I am not a survivalist by no means…I enjoy a lot of things …but in moderation and do not let them take over my entire day. The govt has become just what was feared would happen 20 years ago.
    Son to father ” I am considering a career as a criminal ” . The father then asks “Private sector or politics?”
    Nuff said. Something needs to be changed and soon. Wonder what Forest Gump’s mother would have to say at such an important situation. A very wise fictitious character…but wise none-the -less. Some times the simple answers are the best solution to a multifaceted issue………
    Funny thing is that there are governors that have came in to power with a deficit and somehow turned that into a surplus of revenue without a tax increase. Maybe we should hire these guys as we need a business man in power instead of someone who has not served this country in any other capacity than to try and weaken all aspects of it’s very core. But just MHO,,,,….YMMV
    Know someone that has served? Shake their hand and thank them. You’d be surprised at what it does even if you don’t see it.


  • Army Vet


    We need to do a “coordinated” function with Connecticut where all the states in the USA join in and go to Connecticut. We need to show the government that Connecticut doesn’t stand alone. With enough people, all at one time, I think the government, not just Connecticut, but all states everywhere will take notice. By putting THEM on notice that laws like this “will not do” and “we don’t accept it”. Other states SHOULD join this fight. After all, it could very well be my state next. This “disease” needs to be stopped now.


  • kevin little


    great job it is far to reaching when people want to take care of are rights. it is just like Hitler DIS-ARM THEN TAKE OVER.



  • Phil Owens


    I believe that all Connecticut gun owners should be made aware of “The Dick Act of 1902″ this is also known as “The Efficiency of the Militia Act of 1902″. Not only does this Federal Law which has been on the books a long time but spells out the three separate divisions of the Militia but defines the individuals right to own firearms without overbearing restrictions. This Law should negate the new Connecticut legislation and be a basis for a class action lawsuit!


  • Rocky


    A Free Man/Woman does not have to Ask Permission to exercise his Inalienable Rights.

    The Second Amendment (or any of the first ten amendments) did Not ‘grant’ any ‘rights'; but instead, Codified certain, pre-existing, naturally occurring rights, into the basis of all of our nation’s laws; the Constitution. Our Framers did this so that future legislators wouldn’t be able to legislate said natural rights away.

    We do Not live in any sort of ‘Democracy’, but in a Constitutional Republic. The ‘majority ‘ does not rule, (Mob rule) but the Law is supreme. It doesn’t matter if the majority is brainwashed into desiring to repeal the Second Amendment. You cannot repeal an Inalienable Right, inherent to All mankind !

    The right to defense of Self, Family, Home and Community Far Pre-dates Any form of government ever devised by man. What the government did not give, it cannot take away !

    ”When the People fear the Government, you have Tyranny. When the Government fears the People, you have Liberty.’ ~ Thomas Jefferson


  • Ben


    Our fore fathers were bright enough to put the Second Amendment into the bill of rights, knowing that the general population needed to have the right to keep and bear arms as a deterrent to an oppressive government. It was written specifically to give the general population the ability to fight the government that had become to oppressive and overbearing. If our fore fathers were alive today, they would be writing another Declaration of Independence, only this time aimed at the U.S. Government. Todays’ government is no different than the British government that we fought to gain our own independence. Laws, rules, and regulations only affect those that abide by them. Those people are the good ones that do not cause any problems, with or without the laws, rules, and regulations. More people are killed by automobiles every year in this country than by guns, yet the government is not trying to take our cars away. Its time we get the 1 per centers than control our government out and put real people and citizens into office that will actually work for the average citizen.


  • Rick


    It’s funny that your right to vote cannot be infringed upon by showing id, but your right to bear arms you must get permission ie permitt, background etc. the democrats are openly obstructing our rights and the republicans are subversively obstructing them. Why don’t you get a background check to vote? Why don’t the republicants say if backgrounds and permits are good for our 2nd a rights then they are good for the 15th a rights. We are not goverened by rule of law.


    • Tom


      I believe we should all demand Voter ID at all polls, and the States that don’t require Voter ID, don’t get their results counted in any election , the Democrats call Voter ID racist, but of course, what’s new (at first it was Obama and Holder, but now all Democrats are hollering racist), they just want to have undocumented illegal aliens to be able to vote, and possibly multiple times. There was at least one black lady that was actually caught voting multiple times, which by the way is illegal, and she never saw the inside of a court room, at least not for voter fraud. And I am sure that there were more than one person that committed that crime, and they either were not caught or the MSM didn’t report the people guilty of this infraction, because there was at least one precinct that reported all Democratic votes, and what’s the likelihood, of not having even one single Republican in that precinct, it’s not realistic, so Obama stole the Election in 2012 by voter fraud.


  • Kevin


    Read Articles,from legallyconcealed.org and other researched writings of Why we must have a defense in The U.S.and Join the SheepDog Society But first read Counter Violence from E.J.Owen ..

    Bunkerville ,NV is the first Shot and I believe the event in Bundy’s Fight stirred up the Courage In the profile of each one who participated in Hartford ,CT The Home of Colt, Winchester, Browning and more.

    May God Bless you all

    P.S Kick the tyrants out NOW !

    Freedom for William Penn, “Those people who are not Governed by GOD will be ruled by ty-rants , and the new progressive Democrats love to rant !

    This nation will NEVER be RULED by Islam Mr. President got it.
    Your Speech to West Point Showed Us your true Colors Step down and Step down Now !


    • Joe Cioffi


      Get ready for the “fireworks” folks because they are coming, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow! This is just the tip of the iceberg! The Feds. are gearing up for a revolt with weapons, ammo and military vehicles that are intended to be used against the American people.Consider what happened in Bunkerville, NV! Do you really believe that was over “grazing fees”? Hardly! I believe it was a “dry run”, a test to see the level of response! Well, now the Feds.know exactly what to expect! Remember what that SOB Harry Reid said after the showdown; “This isn’t over”! His words, not mine!


  • Kerry Good


    Join your local militias and get ready to dance to the illegal alien Kenya born arab muslim terrorist Obama whose family sent blacks to America in chains for slavery, it is still going on in Africa today.


  • Steve


    Just wanted to thank you for coming to CT and shedding some light on this.

    I live in CT, it’s become a complete nightmare here as someone who never got a pistol permit, but enjoys hunting and rifle shooting.

    I am no longer allowed to buy firearms or even ammunition unless I jump through the hoops and get permits. Which I will not be doing because I will not pay a single dollar for permission to exercise my constitutional right.

    Tell me again how my right to bear arms is not being infringed? How is it possible that this law is deemed constitutional?

    I’m not a criminal, I’m completely “allowed” to buy fire arms and ammunition, yet my state tells me I can’t do so unless I pay them. What constitution are we talking about again?




      I grew up in Windsor Locks Ct. left the state in 1975. I still can remember walking down Main st with my dad with shotgun over our shoulders. Walking down the train tracks. We were once stopped by an officer who asked how the hunting was? I was wondering if anyone would be able to walk from the old Grants and Geysers plaza, down main street toward Suffield these days with a shotgun over their shoulder. Without being accosted and thrown into a cruzzer by the police? How Time have changed under these gun-grabbing Democrats. My heart goes out to my gun owning brethren living in the new fascist state of Connecticut


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