High Powered Headlines: August 4, 2014

By Suzanne Wiley published on in News

High Powered Headlines

Florida Carry, Inc. Loses Lawsuit

Earlier this year, Florida Carry, Inc. filed suit against several universities in Florida challenging the institutions’ gun policies. Last week Judge Toby Monaco ruled that the University of Florida’s ban on firearms on school property—dorms and campus buildings—does not violate any of Florida’s laws. Students however, will, continue to be allowed to keep guns in their cars while parked on campus.
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Judge Sides with Gun Control Group Nevadans for Background Checks

After a request to block a petition seeking to make universal background checks mandatory in Nevada, Judge James Wilson gave the anti-gun group Nevadans for Background Checks permission to proceed seeking signatures on its petition to insist the universal background check law show up on an upcoming ballot.
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California’s Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 2300 Into Law

In order to keep better track of illegal guns, California Govern Jerry Brown signed AB 2300 into law. The law helps cross-reference firearms purchases and ownership, expanding how records will be matched, kept and recorded between the Armed and Prohibited Persons System and the Consolidated Firearms Information System. “California’s firearms statutes are designed to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands and to protect the rights of lawful gun owners,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said. There has not been much opposition to the new law.
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Kansas City, Missouri Bans Open Carry

Last Thursday, Kansas City, Missouri Council voted 9-0 to ban open carry in Kansas City limits, even though Senate Bill 656 allows open carry for those who hold a permit to conceal. The new ban goes into affect August 10, 2014. Kansas City Mayor Sly James (D), says, “Aggressive open carry… does not make sense in the middle of Kansas City, Mo.”
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Canada to Loosen Firearms Restrictions

Officials in Canada are loosening the restrictions on firearm ownership with the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act by making it easier and more fluid for firearms owners to purchase and own a gun. The new law will also require training for those applying for new licenses to own firearms and lift the ban on the Swiss Arms Classic Green rifle and the CZ-858. Steven Blaney, Canada’s public safety minister says, “For these people we need to cut red tape. … The firearms community is abiding by the law, and are exemplary citizens.”
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NRA-ILA Grassroots Newsletter 08/01/2014

The NRA-ILA’s newsletter, Grassroots Alert, Vol. 21 goes more in-depth on Washington D.C.’s lifting of the concealed carry ban, discusses Operation Choke Point, and includes action alerts and what’s happening in the world of gun control in the state round up.
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Product Announcements

Thompson/Center Fall Rebate

From now until November 30, 2014, Thompson/Center is offering a $75 rebate on any purchase of a Venture or Dimension bolt-action rifle model. The Venture is available in 16 different calibers, while the Dimension is offered in 10 different calibers. Both rifles are made in the United States.
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BSA Releases New Tactical Riflescopes

BSA, makers of affordable optics, releases five new tactical riflescopes designed with military and law enforcement in I mind. Called the Tactical Weapon 223 Scope series, BSA’s new scopes come with two interchangeable turret caps, one for .223 Remington and one for .300 AAC Blackout rifles. Suggested retail price starts at $89.95, but Cheaper Than Dirt! has them for much less.
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New Stevens Model 555 Over/Under Shotguns

Savage Arms announces two new shotgun models under its Stevens brand. The model 555 is an over/under shotgun available in 12 and 20 gauge with a lightweight aluminum receiver and wood stock. Both fit 3-inch shells and the 12 gauge has a 28-inch barrel, while the 20 gauge has a 26-inch barrel. Both Stevens Model 555 over/under shotguns are priced below $600.
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Comments (3)

  • Jake D / McRuger


    LOL G-Man. One step at a time. First we need to get them to think then we can work on clearly. Even from the warped and perverse world of the left wouldn’t make more sense if carries were open rather than concealed. That way they would know specifically who to hate. I have said it before and I’ll say t again. Regardless of what the left does I will always own and always carry. IT IS MY RIGHT.


  • Jake D


    Great Canada moving in the right direction and KC moving in the wrong direction. California we should just give back to Mexico anyway.


    • G-Man


      @ Jake D: You beat me to the punch. I was about to post almost the same exact comment.

      When we see a very restrictive country as Canada begin to loosen their gun laws, that should tell the anti-gunners they are not thinking clearly. Oh well.


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