Are our Guns Ready for Winter?

By olegv published on in Firearms

As the weather is turning towards snow even in the South, I must remember the winter defense checklist. It’s been compiled based on, fortunately, purely training experience.

Winterized trigger, Lahti 1935

Winterized trigger guard, Lahti 1935

  • Is the trigger guard big enough for the gloved finger? Generally, the smallest pistols have the problem. For many rifles, an oversized trigger guard is a drop-in upgrade.
  • Does the slide clear bulky gloves or mitten on recoil?
  • With a revolver, will the undercut on the trigger trap glove material on reset?
  • Can you reach your regular holster through the layers of outer clothing?
  • Is your chosen ammunition going to penetrate enough with the extra layers encountered?
Nambu 8mm with winter trigger

Nambu 8mm with winter trigger guard

Those of us who keep a long gun in the vehicle have more concerns.

  • Will the gun oil congeal, slowing down the action?
  • Can you get a cheek-weld on the stock without freezing to the metal parts?That’s a concern with many folding stocks.
  • Will the red dot work with cold batteries?
  • Will your breath condense and freeze on the rear scope objective?
  • Will your ammunition develop less power and fail to cycle the gun?
JP07 .308 rifle in winter trim

JP07 .308 rifle in winter trim

We can also celebrate minor advantages of winter for self-defense. Fewer thugs are out. Thick coats absorb long gun recoil. Hats that cover ears mitigate the report a little. Oh, and Santa is coming soon—possibly with more loud toys for the good boys and girls.

What’s on your wish list this year?


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