Schumer Wants to Ban 100-Round Clips — I Have to Agree…

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Before you decide to tar-and-feather and run me out on a rail, please read the entire article…

I just listened to the feel-good press conference about another so-called Assault Weapon Ban. It was sickening to hear the useless babble from the uneducated, uninformed lawmakers in this country until the logic struck me like a lightening bolt and really opened my eyes.

AR-15 Magazine and SKS Clip

Left: AR-15 20-round magazine. Right: 10-round clip. The two are different types of ammunition holders and are drastically different in appearance, functionality.

While listening, I was at first astonished to hear Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) decry the use and ownership—by lawful citizens—of 100-round clips. He stated that there was no lawful or necessary purpose for citizens to posses or use 100-round clips. In thinking about it, he convinced me; 100-round clips should be banned. I know that is a bold statement, but I am in full agreement that Schumer is right!

After all, who uses 100-round clips? I have been around guns all of my life and have yet to even see a 100-round clip for sale never mind actually owning or using one. I have used 10-round clips and it works okay, but I would really rather have a detachable magazine over a clip and fixed magazine any day. I mean can you imagine the logistics of carrying and using a bunch of 100-round clips?

I think the only guns I own that are even compatible with a clip would be an SKS produced pre-1950s and an 1898 Swedish Mauser—neither of which have a fixed magazine with the capability of holding 100 rounds; so why would I want to own a 100-round clip. It would be a total waste of money and you the reader need to be protected from such a folly and wasting your money on a 100-round clip.

I never thought I would say this publicly or privately, but I agree with Chuck Schumer—100 rounds clips are just silly and no one needs to own 100-round clips!

SKS Model 1896 Mauser Modern Sporting Rifle

Top: SKS with 10-round clip. Middle: Swedish Mauser Model 1896. Bottom: Modern Sporting Rifle with 20-round magazine.

While this is all tongue-in-cheek of course, it shows the lack of education our lawmakers have about the subject they are attempting to legislate. This is such a basic error in terminology, but shows a much greater failure to understand the technology. Lawmakers are running out to be the first to step on the fundamental rights of law-abiding citizens without a clue as to the subject matter. This is only one of the thousands of examples happening each day and I encourage our readers to share plenty more in the comments below.

A much more common-sense approach for politicians such as Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein would be to work with organizations such as the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation… wait a second. Did I just use common sense with Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer in the same sentence? My apologies, I’ll go to “time out” now and think about what I just said. After all, that has about as much chance of lowering crime as another weapons ban against law-abiding gun owners.

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