Gizmos & Gadgets — S&W Black Tactical Survival and Self Defense Pen with Fire Starter

By Dave Dolbee published on in Camping and Survival, General, Safety and Training

It does not matter if you are a ground-pounder or Special Forces operator enduring the rigors of the sandbox. SAR expeditions braving extreme temperatures and SWAT teams keeping our streets safe; EMT’s saving lives and regular, everyday, ordinary people—all of these people have a common bond. Each one needs a simple ink pen.

SW Tactical Pen

The pen that does it all, including writing, fire starter, glass breaker and kubotan.

The smart ones have an ink pen they can rely on for more than just putting ink on paper. If you expect more from your tools than the next person and believe in each piece of gear serving multiple roles, the S&W Black Tactical Survival and Self Defense Pen is for you.

The S&W tactical pen is a standard writing instrument that can also be used for tactical/survival self-defense. Opening and closing the pen requires nothing more than a twist of the wrist. The anodized aluminum body is strong and lightweight and crafted to allow your hand a solid purchase when using it for striking or applying pressure.

At the top of the pen is a pocket clip to make carrying it convenient and a glass breaker tip for emergency. The pen has a ferrocerium rod that when struck with the pen head produces a spark to start a fire in an emergency survival situation. The ferro rod is stored in the handle—ready when needed—out of sight otherwise. If you are looking for a smaller everyday carry, the pen can be attached directly to the key ring cap. This is a great new addition to the Smith & Wesson pen line and a cool tool to carry everywhere you can’t carry something else.

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