Georgia is Doing it Right — Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014

By Dave Dolbee published on in News

When deciding which Governors are pro Second Amendment Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal gets a solid check mark beside his name. On Wednesday, Gov. Deal signed a wide-ranging gun bill into law that left critics howling in protest and the rest of us applauding.

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal took a step to make Georgia residents safer by signing Georgia’s Doing it Right – Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014 into law.

Georgia’s House Bill 60, otherwise known as the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014—dubbed the “guns everywhere bill” by opponents (I can live with that name too!)—specifies where Georgia residents can carry weapons. Included provisions allow concealed carry, by permit holders, to take guns into bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports. The stipulation still allows the owners of private enterprises or the church congregation to post and prohibit concealed carry at their venue.

GeorgiaCarry, the main proponent that lobbied for the bill, stated the legislation is “meaningful pro-gun legislation,” despite not getting all of the its requested elements from the original draft. An opposition group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, opposed the bill, calling it “extremism in action.”

Governor Deal caused more controversy at the bill’s signing when the ceremony opened with a prayer, the national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Deal had much to say about the new law that lawmakers in other states should note: Deal, calling it “a great day to reaffirm our liberties,” explained that the law will allow residents to protect their families by expanding the list of places where they can legally carry firearms, but protecting individual’s rights by allowing certain property owners—namely churches and bars—to make judgments on whether they want worshipers and patrons carrying guns.

“The Second Amendment should never be an afterthought. It should be at the forefront of our minds,” Deal said while touting his NRA endorsement for governor and “A” rating during his 17 years in Congress. The governor said the law “will protect the constitutional rights of Georgians who have gone through a background check to legally obtain a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

Americans for Responsible Solutions opposed GeorgiaCarry’s bill, but celebrated the fact that the portion, which would have allowed legal concealed carry on college campuses. Given the age of recent shooters involved in mass attacks and the average age of our brave service men and women, this would seem to be an overreaction, but let’s take every victory we can get and be happy.

A surprising development was Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014’s provision, which allows guns at one of the country’s busiest airports. While the bill says no one is allowed to carry a firearm past an airport’s security screening checkpoint, it allows guns in other areas, including “an airport drive, general parking area, walkway, or shops and areas of the terminal that are outside the screening checkpoint.”

What are your state’s carry laws? Does it need to a lesson from Gov. Deal? Give us your opinion in the comment section.

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  • roger


    I am moving Georia now if we can get the rest of the country we might have a chance to save the constitution bill of rights an the fed papers


  • Bobby


    Georgia is a great example of how things need to be. If the rich the president and family have the right to protection so do I. Sorry my family and myself are just as important. I’m a taxpayer law biding and just because I have a passion for firearms and hunting and the God given right to carry. I own so called assault weapons. These are simply semi automatic weapons which the bad guys have access to thru the black market. Gun control will not stop evil only good However one must fight fire with fire. Government has reay overstepped there boundaries on this matter. Along with other clear attacks on our constitution. And all the antigun freaks that may wake up in the middle if the night when they here that window breaking wil be nothing more than sitting ducks at the mercy of most likely armed thugs. Your police department can’t guarantee they will be able to come to your rescue. With all the weapons I legally own I’ll never hold up a store walk into a school and hurt our children. So often a lot of good law biding citizens own a AK or AR that don’t make us crazy we simply love our rights and it’s a passion for most weapon owners. I do believe in education courses and so on. Butt from the time the Wild West was tamed to now it took good guys with guns history shows and proves less gun rights higher crime more gun rights less crime


    • Randy


      I feel the same way Sean Silvers does. Proof read before you post! Grammar and punctuation go a long way when the other side reads what we put out there. Kind of odd though, that Sean Silvers didn’t even capitalize his own name?


  • sean silvers


    Does anyone proof read their work, so that maybe gun supporters don’t look illiterate


  • Jrex


    @Haroldbr….NO, GA law does NOT prohibit consuming alcohol while carrying a firearm. Go find it….you won’t.


  • Billybob


    Georgia does a lot of things “right” in spite of the connotation of being a Southern Redneck state. A lot of Northern states could learn from Georgia’s example


    • notrealname


      The “Northern” state of Pennsylvania has allowed legal carry in these places since 1989. Welcome to freedom, Georgia.


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