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By Suzanne Wiley published on in Consumer Information

We like sharing free and almost-free stuff with our customers. We know many of you like entering contests and sweepstakes and participating in raffles. We know others want to pinch every penny and stretch each dollar by taking full advantage of rebates and coupons. Save this page to your favorites and check back often to see the giveaways.

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Comments (4)

  • Floyd Mitchell Jr


    The most accurate, precise, and free of errors, guns I’ve used.




  • ernie hopkins


    my wife receives small packages all the time .I ,ll be open it,openit I wanna see!i think she knows me and uses it to get me goin so I ordered a 100 rds of 45acp. should have seen her with the shoe on the other foot. thanks again,ernie


    • Dave Cohn


      I was in a similar predicament. …On the other hand I ordered a gross of Magnum condoms…should’ve seen the look on her face as I unpacked twelve dozen boxes on the kitchen table. …”priceless “…..


  • Dennis


    How long should I keep ammo in a magazine. I have handguns and rifles in which they have magazines and I am concerned that leaving ammo in them will somehow alter or weaken the spring. I do go to the range every so often, about 4-6 times per year. I want to make sure that if I need to use my firearm for an intruder or self defense that I can rely on them.


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