Who is the Best Female Shooter? Jessie Duff Awarded Grandmaster

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It might just be Taurus team captain, Jessie Duff.

What classifies Jessie Duff as the best female shooter in the world? She has something no other female shooting competitor has—the title of Grandmaster in Practical Shooting. To achieve a Grandmaster title in USPSA, one must hit 95 to 100 percent at each stage. It is the highest ranking any competitor can have in USPSA. A goal she has been working on ever since she started competing, Jessie competes in five different shooting sports—IPSC/USPSA, Bianchi Cup, 3-Gun, Steel Challenge, and Cowboy Action Shooting. Winning the Bianchi Cup and Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships are also on her list of accomplishments.

Picture shows Jessie Duff, competitive shooter.

Jessie Duff achieves Grandmaster status.

The title of Grandmaster is not her only “first.” In 2009, Jessie was the first competitor—male or female—to win in every Practical Shooting category: Ladies Steel Challenge National, World Championship Title in Open, Limited, .22, and Steel Master. Jessie holds 25 national and 19 world championship titles in shooting—all done before the age of 30!

Besides competitive shooting, Jessie is an avid hunter, co-host of Friends of the NRA on the Outdoor Channel with husband, Matt, and is a part-time college student seeking her degree in Business. Not only does Jessie have an incredibly strong competitive spirit and drive, she rallies for 2A rights. She appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show debunking gun myths related to the AR-15.

Brought up along side firearms, Jessie hung out with her competitive shooter father at the local gun range. She has been shooting since she was 15, hunting since she was 16 and winning since 2005. Her first match and first state title was the Georgia State Championship in Cowboy Action Shooting. Jessie hasn’t looked back since.

Typically, Jessie trains every day, spending four to five days a week at the range, along with dry firing at home two to three times a week 30 minutes at a time. On the weekends, you will find her competing all over the world. Jessie says competitive shooting sports is an athletic sport, and owes much of ability to strength training, which is apparent in how well she handles her six-inch barreled 1911. She sets what she calls “reasonable” goals for herself and clearly, with her determination she is guaranteed to reach all of them.

All of Jessie’s bios—which you will find on major manufacturer’s websites such as Hornady, Weatherby, Benelli, Leupold and Taurus that she “is recognized as one of the most accomplished competition shooters in the world” and they ain’t lyin’! Jessie’s latest accomplishment sets the bar high for her next achievement and for female shooting competitors around the country.

Congratulations go out to the great Jessie Duff—quite possibly the world’s best female shooter!

Suzanne Wiley started shooting at a young age when her older brother bought a Marlin 60 and taught her to shoot. She took to shooting and developed a love for it when she realized she was a natural with a .22 LR rifle at summer camp. Suzanne has been an outdoor adventurer since she can remember-being from the Ozarks, there were bountiful caves, national parks, lakes, and camping spots to explore. From a young age, she has camped, fished, rode horses, went ATV exploring, rappelling, and even dabbled in beginner spelunking.
Suzanne joined the content team with over eight years experience at Cheaperthandirt.com. Starting out as a product description writer, Suzanne has extensive knowledge of the Cheaper Than Dirt! product base and is a good resource for suggestions on which products you need. Suzanne specializes in writing for the female shooter, beginner shooter, and the modern-day prepper. Though she prefers plinking with her S&W M&P 15-22, Suzanne also loves revolvers, the 1911, short-barreled AR-15s, and shooting full auto when she gets the chance. Suzanne is a staff writer for Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  • JiminGA


    The perfect woman…..skilled, smart, loves guns, and gorgeous.


  • Steven


    I like the whole article, but not the title…. Perhaps in the title if you used the statement, “Jessie Duff earns the rank of Grandmaster”… The term “awarded” insinuates that she was given the title… I know the meaning behind this because I am a USPSA shooter (only a Master class though…) but to others who may not know this sport, “awarded” just doesn’t sound quite right.



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