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Choosing home defense ammunition is a delicate task. It can be difficult to find a round that has the performance to be able to stop an aggressor, yet doesn’t over-penetrate. Hollowpoint handgun ammunition for example is normally considered a standard round for personal defense. The problem is that when a hollowpoint bullet penetrates through a barrier, or even a few layers of cloth, before hitting the intended target, it tends to perform more like a full metal jacketed round. Particles and debris fill up the hollow cavity of the bullet and prevent it from expanding as it was designed to do.

Federal Premium Ammunition has a new product that solves this problem. Their new Guard Dog Home Defense ammunition was designed from the ground up specifically for home defense. It features a unique expanding full metal jacket design that can effectively eliminate threats while not over-penetrating drywall and plywood barriers.

Federal’s Guard Dog ammo works by utilizing an expanding polymer core. The full metal jacket design can’t fill with debris from a wall or heavy fabrics, yet upon impact the bullet expands to as much as twice the original diameter. Tests conducted by Federal showed that their new design could pass through 4 layers of drywall and then stop in less than 15″ of ballistic gelatin. Traditional hollowpoint ammunition on the other hand passed through 4 layers of drywall and then continued on to completely penetrate 15″ of ballistic gel before exiting the other side.

Guard Dog Home Defense ammunition will be available in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

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  • Wayne


    like the sound of this new ammo but can I find it in 38 special +P


  • juan


    How about in a 5.56 NATO I prefer the aggressive look of a AR-15 over a pistol


  • Guard Dog


    [...] or heavy fabrics, yet upon impact the bullet expands to as much as twice the original diameter. guard dog ammo click here … click Click BOOM …. Reply With [...]


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