Remington 870 FAQ

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1) How old is the 870 design?
The 870 was introduced by Remington in 1951. Since then, over 8 million 870s have been produced.

2) What gauges has the 870 been offered in?
A: Over the years, the 870 has been offered in .410 bore, 28, 20, 16 and 12 gauge.

3) What is the difference between the Wingmaster and the Express models?
A: The main differences are the finish on the metal and the type of wood. The Wingmaster has a polished-blued finish with a walnut stock. The Express model has a matte black finish with hardwood stocks. Mechanically, the guns are the same. The Express was introduced to give sportsmen an economical alternative to the Wingmaster.

4) Can I use a Wingmaster barrel on my Express model?
A: Yes. The barrels are interchangeable.

5) Will a 12 gauge stock fit my 20 gauge 870?
A: If your 20 gauge is a standard weight and not a lightweight 870, the 12 gauge stock will fit. The 870LT has a lighter, slimmer receiver. The 16 gauge standard weight also takes the same stock as the 12 gauge.

6) Can I increase the magazine capacity of my 870?
A: Yes. Several manufacturers, including TacStar, manufacture magazine extensions for the 870. These will increase the magazine capacity up to 8 rounds.

7) I plan on hunting turkey with my 870 and want better sights than a plain bead. What are my options?
A: There are many sight options available from rifle-style adjustable sights to fiber optic sights to increase visibility in low light conditions. There are some that attach with screws or a magnet to a ventilated rib. Others replace the existing front bead sight.

8) Can I put a scope on my 870 for deer hunting?
A: Yes. You can have a gunsmith drill and tap the receiver for a scope base. This is the most secure method. There are also no gunsmithing mounts available that will not permanently alter the gun. Some mounts like one from Leapers replace the trigger group pins with screws that secure the mount to the receiver.

9) I want to use my 870 for 3 gun shooting. Is there a way to carry ammunition on the gun for easy access?
A: Yes. TacStar and other companies manufacture a shell holder that attaches to the left side of the receiver. These will hold up to six rounds that can be quickly accessed by the shooter.

10) What type of deer slugs should I shoot in my rifled barrel?
A: A rifled barrel is designed to shoot sabot slugs. A sabot slug is a sub caliber bullet surrounded by a plastic sleeve that is the same diameter of the bore. The plastic sleeve grips the rifling of the barrel which imparts spin on it. Shortly after the slug leaves the barrel, the sabot is shed and the slug continues to the target.

11) What type of deer slugs should I shoot in my smoothbore barrel?
A: Smoothbore barrels are designed to shoot rifled slugs. Sometimes referred to as Foster slugs, these are hollow based lead projectiles with shallow fins on the sides near the front. The weight in the front of the slug stabilizes it in flight. The fins allow the slug to compress slightly as it passes through chokes tighter than cylinder bore.

12) What types of finishes is the 870 offered in?
A: The 870 has been offered in many finishes over the years. These include, but are not limited to, polished blued, matte blued, nickel and camo. Stocks are available in walnut, hardwood and synthetic.

13) What variations of the 870 are there?
A: Major variations of the 870 include field, trap, skeet, marine, deer, turkey, and tactical. These models will vary in barrel length and type, stock type and finish.

14) I’d like to put vertical grips on the rear and forend of my 870. Is this possible?
A: Yes. Several companies produce front and rear grips for the 870. The front grip is typically a replacement forend with an integrated vertical grip. The rear grip can be had as a grip only or a buttstock with a vertical grip.

15) How can I attach a tactical flashlight to my 870?
A: There are several options for mounting a flashlight to the 870. The simplest and cheapest way is a clamp that mounts to the barrel or magazine extension. Pachmayr makes a light mount that fits in the TacStar side saddle ammo carrier. Mako Security manufactures a forend with accessory rails on it that allow mounting a light to it.

16) My 870 came with wood stocks. What are my options for replacement stocks?
A: There are many replacement stocks for the 870. There are standard synthetic stocks, pistol grip stocks, collapsible AR-15 style, side folding stocks, top folding stocks and even stocks that hold extra ammunition.

17) Can I use a 2-3/4” barrel on my 3” magnum receiver?
A: Yes. The 2-3/4” chambered barrel will fit on the 3” receiver. You will only be able to shoot 2-3/4” ammunition in it though.