Equality of Gun Ownership and the Second Amendment Foundation

By Dave Dolbee published on in General, News

It does not matter where in the country you live. If your state does not offer concealed carry, you need to get involved. If your state does support your right to self defense and concealed carry, you need to get involved. There is strength in numbers and we need to all come together. The Second Amendment Foundation is leading the way, but we cannot passively sit back and let the other guy do all of the work. The following is the statement from the Second Amendment Foundation.

The Second Amendment Foundation has launched a new project aimed at promoting and protecting equality in the exercise of the individual fundamental right to keep and bear arms, with a video message for television and the internet, and a new website EqualGunRights.com with a petition campaign.

Second Amendment Foundation

Advocating and defending your gun rights.

President Barack Obama and his cronies have founded Organizing for Action (OFA), which is running a deplorable national media campaign aimed at lobbying Congress for additional restrictions on firearms, the primary means of self-defense for millions of law-abiding Americans. The SAF EqualGunRights.com campaign will counter that effort.

“It doesn’t matter where you live, whether in the city, suburbs or a rural area,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, “all law abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves and their families.”

The video spot, website and campaign, produced in collaboration with Political Media, highlights the disproportionate impact of gun control laws on African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities, and how it leaves large groups unable to defend themselves, their families, or their businesses. The video shows citizens from different parts of the country commenting on their local gun laws, providing a vivid contrast between people who live in regions with laws that enable citizens to exercise their rights, and those who reside in areas with restrictive gun laws which typically have larger minority populations, including Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York City.

“You won’t see President Obama or his anti-gun cohorts admitting it,” Gottlieb observed, “but the simple fact is that gun control has historically disarmed far more African Americans than any other demographic. And, as you can see in our video spot, African-Americans and other minorities are still the primary victims of gun control laws in America.

“It is unconscionable that in 2013, so-called progressives are quietly permitting laws to stand that disproportionately diminish the rights of minorities,” he continued. “The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was blocked by segregationists when he tried to get his concealed carry permit, because they knew equal strength to defend oneself leads to societal equality. Sadly, gun control advocates today are de facto fighting for that same inequality.”

“I hope that people across this country will join us at EqualGunRights.com and demand an end to this discrimination,” Gottlieb concluded. “It doesn’t matter where you live, or what kind of neighbors you have – all law abiding citizens should be able to arm and defend themselves.”

The Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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  • Michael Harrington


    I wrote a letter today to the US Senators in my state. I asked them to support / stand for the 2nd amendment. Then I asked why the rights of the lunatics, the crazy and the otherwise mentally defectives, seem to have a right to kill, maim, and create mayhem, and THEIR right to be crazy, violate the existing gun laws, and murder, is defended by President OBAMA and the ACLU. Looks like the purely insane, the criminal/ the felon and the murder, has more rights than the law abiding, legal citizen. Seems strange, but this is the world we now live in, our right to Keep and bear arms, can be infringed, because, .000000105 % of the population perfers to avoid obeying the laws (numerous) about firearms already on the books.

    Is that enough? Then I read in the paper today that Pump Action shotguns, may be banned in Colorado as “assault weapons”!!! Does that make sense? I mean didn’t VP Biden urge us to buy shotguns? Well, guess again. Seems the VP wants you to use your shot gun as a club, when the bad guy breaks into your home!

    Went to Walmart, and found NO AMMO, that’s right, NOTHING! OK – three boxes of shotgun shells, buckshot only. No pistol ammo of any kind, and no rifle ammo! So welcome to VP Biden version of the future! No ammo for your shot gun, (if you find that weapon to be legal).

    Then I read that the Department of Homeland security had ordered 1.6 billion bullets! WHAT the ??? And if that is not enough, DHS is taking delivery on 2700 armored vehicles, capable of withstanding any type of bomb, or any kind of bullet!!! Tell me, Mr. President, why is a minor security agency, being equipped better than most local National Guard troops? Why indeed!!! And why are armored vehicles not being placed in the hands of the US Military? Fact is, if you need control, you want no opposition, and since the military cannot be used against the citizens, then you create and arm an organization that will ONLY OBEY the Bureaucracy and be prepared to crush all dissent.

    Can’t believe this is happening, and can’t believe that our representatives in the Congress are rolling over for this!!

    Maybe, maybe we can turn this around in 2014 with the next election, if there is one.
    Or maybe we just kiss our freedom goodbye. Supreme Court? Well forget that, a couple of more appointee’s and Obama has total control, they will rubber stamp any change to the constitution.

    Oh well, welcome to the new USA, mortgaged to China, and the Citizens of the USA, sold out, and down the river by our own representatives.

    Makes you kinda mad, or just desperately depressed.


  • Glenn Marques


    The Second Amendment allows us to keep and own guns. It doesn’t say anything about concealed carry IMHO, VERY FEW people ever bother to get conceal carry training. It scares me at the number of cowboys that are looking to get their first notch, I don’t want to be in a mall when a fire fight breaks out because of poorly trained yehoos. Training must be a mandatory part of concealed carry. Target acquisition is hard enough during IPSC competition; throw in running screaming people and the innocent will die. Good luck with your campaign, all my best wishes!


  • Cat


    David, you are correct, when the government tries to disarm you need to ask why? And,
    do not believe it when they say for the children, that is bull. The group of gun owners that is the one that is growing the most at the moment, is women, of all races.
    I think this is a good think. It truly scares me when the government does not trust the
    normal citizen, it makes me afraid for what they will try to do to us.


  • M40


    David – You’re spot on. ‘Gun control’ has never been about guns… it’s about control.

    All men are born equal. It is a great and wondrous, but purely theoretical concept.

    The reality is that corrupt men do NOT seek equality. They stand ready to take that which is yours by force or coercion. Those of moral ambivalence may seek to pilfer wealth, but the most vile and dangerous men seek power. They aim to take your most precious gift. They want your freedom.

    An armed man who stands ready to bleed and die for his freedom will never be subjugated. To enslave him, you must first disarm him. All throughout history, good men who laid down their arms in the name of peace… were enslaved by the corrupt men who did not.

    Gaze with deep suspicion on those who ASK that you lay down your arms. Act with furious wrath against those who would FORCE you.


  • Kicknbak


    I guess I’m in a demoralized mood this morning, or I just don’t get it. Maybe I do get it, and that’s the problem. The 2nd amendment is there, simple and factual. It’s a part of the Constitution, so in my minds eye it supersedes any state and federal laws to the adverse. Written so it’s easily understood and should be just as easily regulated and enforced. It’s not… why? Because some people have decided they just didn’t like it, or that it creates an obstacle to their own program no matter how legal or rightful their own program might be. So, situations are created to question, tear apart, and restructure the 2nd to suit their wrongful programs. I know this has probably all been covered before, but I question even the ‘right’ of anyone to question the meaning of the amendment. In respect, some/many states have jumped on the band wagon to make it a revenue project (the license, paperwork, and “record keeping” , and a local job producing project (the paid training). I guess my questions are: Why are the 2nd amendment rights only available to those that can afford the price? What if we had to “Pay” to enjoy each and every law and amendment of the constitution? Or is that coming soon to a theater near you? And offhandedly, doesn’t all this legal paperwork automatically create a “firearms owners record” for the government to employ at it’s convenience if and when they question a persons behavioral rights to carry? Is it ‘right’ to label a person who’s ‘carrying’, for self and family protection only but not properly licensed, to be branded for life as a criminal and always regarded as a renegade against society? I don’t know if that’s worded correctly but hope you see what I’m saying. They have set it up as a type of reward system just to have the CCW and something we had to pay for to have the ‘right’ to use… when the 2nd gave us the ‘right’.

    Meanwhile and strangely enough, do you notice the obscurity of which the different states handle ‘open carry’? Almost as if it’s unapproachable and doesn’t exist. A another story for later.

    I know there’s many LE officers out there, active and retired, and I salute you all. I can see where this all makes your jobs easier, as government workers, whether it be local, city, state, or federal… but doesn’t it also create a list for a ‘possible’ future dictator type of government to go after any rebels who might question or go against their wishes, right or wrong? Are we not in fact being led down the garden path now? Confusing, isn’t it…

    OK, I’ve spewed out enough to chew on for today. Just some dispiriting meanderings when we all know nothing’s perfect. Good post and good comments. Thanks, Roger


  • david robinson


    Anyone who believes this president and vice-president do not get it, is living in another world. Believe me, they get it very well. Their objective, better stated, the objective of the democratic socialist party hasn’t change since their very begining in this once great nation. Gun control has nothing to do with controling crime and everything to do with controling the masses. Our, excuse me, thee president and his regeme cannot institute the dictatorial laws they intend to unless they disarm the American people. Gun control, actually gun confiscation is a major step towards removing or greatly deminishing the ability of the American people to resist their complete domination over them. What we’re experiencing today is nothing more than the steps by step procedure taken right out of the socialist textbook. Sure, Obama has shuffled the steps a little. But basically, outside of the fact that Obama must create as close to the same economic and social situation that was already in place when Adolf Hitler brought about the fundimental transformation of 1920 and 30’s Germany. His actions are exactly the same.


  • Ken


    Why don’t we also include a campaign to educate the ignorant masses on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Why not make America aware of the fact that there might not even be an America were it not for the Bill of Rights and especially the 2nd Amendment because of the colonists’ fear of a powerful fed with a standing army against an unarmed public? Why not make them aware of how critically important the 2nd Amendment is to their freedom and their rights they are always so vocal about. After all, their liberty is their one real entitlement. Make the public painfully aware of the very real dangers of disarmement and of allowing the constant erosion of the 2nd Amendment. Reveal to the public the scam of gun control and how it only provides some with a false sense of security while actually putting all at far greater risk. Reveal how King Hussein (Obama) and his liberal minnions in Congress really know their gun control schemes will not stop future Sandy Hooks and that they have a sinnister ulterior motive, or they would tirelessly and relentlessly pursue meaningful programs to prevent these tradegies, thus protecting us all. Why doesn’t the pro-Constitution community stand up and be counted, Loudly And Clearly?!!!!


  • Johnny Angel


    Maybe I don’t get it. Aren’t White people just as restricted in legally obtaining guns in Chicago, New York, etc.? And Black people ARE able to legally obtain guns in Wyoming, Texas, etc. Where am I wrong? btw, did anybody see that poster with Obama in a dunce cap at the chalkboard writing the phrase; ‘CRIMINALS DON’T REGISTER GUNS’ , ‘CRIMINALS DON’T REGISTER GUNS ‘ (probably 100 times) as punishment for ‘not getting it’ ? Outstanding way of expressing just how stupid he is!!…or is it …supernatural…otherworldly….
    Joe Biden is from the TWILIGHT ZONE! He actually gives advice that’s not only stupid and ridiculous, but also illegal. Wasn’t he also on video commenting that these new gun restrictions won’t do a thing about controlling Newtown type crimes or was that ‘out of context’ ? Has anyone called him out on that?and then he says: ‘shoot your shotgun through the door’!? We are truly dealing with principalities and powers. This is NOT the typical liberal arrogance because they KNOW what’s really right and just, it is that they MUST ABIDE by a higher, dark power. WAKE UP! I have to admit it seems like a dream…like a nightmare. It’s a straaaange world.


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