DOJ Looks to Use ‘Smart’ Guns in Gun-Control Policy

By Woody published on in Firearms, News, Videos

Attorney General Eric Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee last week that the Justice Department is looking into gun-controlling bracelets as part of its overall gun-control efforts.

The Justice Department has requested $382.1 million in increased spending for its FY 2014 budget earmarked for undefined gun-safety initiatives.

In his remarks (shown in the video) the AG said, “I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, Vice President Biden and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe.”

“By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.”

“It’s those kinds of things that I think we want to try to explore so that we can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons that lead to the kinds of things that we see on a daily basis.”

In your view, should the House give DOJ $2 million the agency is asking for in “Gun Safety Technology” grants? Does new technology — such as the ability to unlock a safe with a fingerprint scan and RFID-equipped bracelets — have any place on firearms? Would GPS tracking chips help solve gun-theft crimes, or merely make it easy for gun confiscations to happen in the future?

Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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