Dan Wesson Brings Back the Mighty 10mm Razorback

By CTD Mike published on in Firearms

Before being bought by CZ-USA, Dan Wesson made a 1911 chambered for 10mm called the “Razorback.” 10mm fans loved these pistols, and when they were discontinued there was much groaning and sighing and shaking of heads. Well, it looks like CZ has finally been persuaded to let Dan Wesson make the Razorback again! You get nine rounds of 10mm in this single-stack 1911, because 9mm is too small and .45acp is too slow. The five-inch barrel is match grade, all the metal components are stainless steel, and there’s no polymer anywhere. The Razorback weighs in at nearly two and a half pounds, but you’ll appreciate the weight when you shoot it. Sending 200 grain bullets downrange at over 1000 feet per second generates a lot of recoil! MSRP on the Razorback is listed at $1350, which should hopefully mean a “street price” somewhere below $1200. If you’re a 10mm fan, get in line now, because we’ve heard this will be a low production priority gun. It seems demand will always outstrip supply on quality 10mm pistols.


This is what a 1911 is supposed to look like. And now it shoots 10mm!

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