Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry

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  • CherokeeScot


    The finest CCW on the planet is the Kahr .32 NAA, a mini, palm grip sized semi auto. Its necked down cartridge has two distinct advantages. First a necked down cartridge is almost a total no fail because it chambers so easily. Two, the velocity of this necked down cartridge at 1000 ft per second and ability to penetrate properly is light years ahead of most anything else you will find in the CCW category, . If you cannot find one of these for sale, email Kahr and tell them to find you one! It may also encourage them to increase the production numbers. They are hard to find but very well worth it. I use Hornady’s 32NAA hollow points. NOTICE: This is neither a standard .32 or .380. Specify “.32NAA”.


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