Jerry Miculek 2 Targabots

Jerry Miculek: S&W M&P9, Two Moving Targets

Jerry is at it again, this time using two Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistols to take out two separate randomly generated moving targets (targabots) at one time! Luckily for Jerry, he has a pistol for each hand—right- and left-handed M&P Pro pistols. With two-fisted shooting, watch Jerry take out these dastardly targabots provided by targamite.

Hand guiding the speedloader into a black pistol against a mottled brown background.

Speedloading — How to Quickly Load a Revolver

About half of the students in my training classes use a revolver. The revolver is not immune to malfunctions, and a good quality revolver is as reliable as a machine can be. The subject of revolver speed loads comes up often, and most of the time the speed load is done half right or incorrectly.

What follows is the proper way.

Hunter leaning against a tree with rifle on bipod

Last Minute Deer

Shoot Now or Let it Walk for Another Year!

If we were playing football, this would be the two minute warning. In much of the country, the Whitetail season is winding down to its final days and minutes. If you haven’t wrapped your tag around something at this point, you may need to either change your tactics, your goal or both.

How to Speed Shoot a Rifle

Cheaper Than Dirt team shooter Jerry Miculek shows off some simple drills and techniques you can use to get your rifle running as fast as his! In this video, Jerry uses a S&W M&P-15 .22 AR-15 rifle, Vortex StrikeFire red dot sight, and an American gold trigger.


Can you speed shoot a rifle? Tell us about it in the comment section.

Picture shows a close up of a woman holding a Glock handgun demonstrating how to wrap one's fingers around the slide in order to rack it.

You Can Rack A Slide. It’s Technique, not Strength.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I can’t rack the slide. It’s too hard,” I’d probably have a condo in the Keys. In fact, when I started shooting, I thought I wasn’t able to operate all semi-automatic handguns either. Believe me, ladies; I understand your slide intimidation. However, have no fear! Regardless of what you may think, it is not your strength or lack thereof that enables you to rack a slide properly—it’s learning the correct technique.

Picture shows a close-up of a shooting target.

Discouraged? Stop Comparing Yourself!

Being a female shooter can be tough. Being a female shooter who works in the firearms industry is even tougher. Every day I read about people who shoot better than I do. All day I’m surrounded by guys who know more than me. And it gets discouraging.

There should be a one to one and half inch or two finger widths of space between your nose and thumb.

What is Length of Pull and why does it Matter?

One thing that is often overlooked when introducing a new shooter to long-guns is the rifle or shotgun’s length of pull. The length of pull or LOP is the distance from the middle of the trigger to the end of the gun’s buttstock. It is one of the most important aspects of a gun’s dimensions and determines whether the gun will fit you. Meaning how comfortable the gun feels to you and how accurate you can shoot it. With the correct length of pull, you will have quick sight acquisition, better control, better accuracy, and feel more comfortable. Most rifles and shotguns are designed for the average adult male, but many of us, especially women, are not built like your average adult male. Therefore, you will find that many long guns will not feel comfortable when you go to take your first shot. You know you have found the right length of pull for you that when you go to shoulder the gun; your sight picture is right on target, your finger can easily reach the trigger, and you don’t have to strain your neck too far to rest on the gun’s cheek piece.

Bring your target in closer than the standard 15 to 20 feet.

Self Defense Handgun Training

A recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found the majority of first time gun buyers practice shooting at least once a month and report the number one reason for their purchase was for home and self-defense.

Laser Lyte Reaction Tyme unit

Beat the High Cost of Ammo and Shoot More

Ammunition is in short supply, but high demand these days. As soon as it is delivered at the loading ramp, the line starts forming in anticipation of when it will hit the shelves. The high demand has also caused prices to follow, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to let our hard-earned skills suffer as a result.

Handgun Basics 101: Get a Good Grip

When I first started shooting handguns, I had issues gripping my handgun correctly. The grip refers to how you hold the gun. A proper grip will help absorb recoil, provide shots that are more accurate and is safe. Gripping a gun properly can feel unnatural if you have never shot before. It can feel really unnatural if you have been shooting with an improper grip. Your instinctive grip might be unsafe, especially on a semi-automatic pistol. Every time you pull the trigger to shoot a semi-auto, the slide moves back. If your thumbs are in the way, there is a possibility of the slide hitting them.

Wicked Quick: AR-15 Shoot Fast! With Jerry Miculek

In this episode of the new Shoot Fast! series, CTD Team Shooter Jerry Miculek takes the ever-popular AR-15 out to the range to see just how fast he can shoot it.

At the front of the 38:03 video, Jerry talks about the development of the rifle, its wartime use, and cartridge design and variations.

At 3:30 in, he describes the M4 variation of the rifle.

At 4:45, he describes his personal competition rifle, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center PC-15.

At 6:15, he covers the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22.

At 10:00, he talks about the evolution of ammunition leading up to the 5.56mm NATO round.

At 17:30, he goes out to the range and tries to shoot five rounds in under a second. But because he’s a “revolver jockey,” he actually shoots six rounds.

At 20:00, he shoots a .96-second five-shot one-target run.

At 22:45, he tries to shoot three shots in one part of the target and two shots in another part in under a second. The run comes in at .98 seconds.

At 25:15, he shoots an 18-round, nine-target V-drill sequence with a POV camera. He completes the drill in 3.29 seconds.

At 29:30, he shoots the M&P15-22 on steel.

At 31:30, he shoots steel at 50 yards with his PC-15. (Note the safety warning about shooting steel targets.)

At 32:30, he takes on five frozen bottles of cheap diet drink.

At 34:00, it’s melons versus man.

At 35:15, Jerry takes on cans of corn and shaving cream. “5.56 versus can of corn, corn loses every time.”

Managing Recoil with the Correct Stance

Unfortunately, I have seen way too many pictures of women on the Internet incorrectly shooting guns. You know the picture or the YouTube video—the woman has a gun, she leans back to take the shot and the next thing you know the gun recoils back and hits her in the head or she drops it.