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The Basics: Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control and Hitting

In my previous concealed carry and practical defense installment, I shared information regarding the criminal mind of the adversary and some tactics when confronted by these individuals. In this installment, I will give you the tools necessary to improve your handgun handling. —Bob Campbell

Once you have recognized the problem and the adversary, you need to begin to acquire necessary skills. The skills are more important than the hardware, and that is why we will discuss the procedure to obtain proficiency at arms before we discuss the actual arms. The goal is to hit the target—not to make covering fire and not to fire a warning shot or anything of that nature. The only moral goal is to hit the target.

Trash Bag Tote

Quick Prepper Tip: 13 Ways to Use a Trash Bag

Quick Prepper Tips from Cheaper Than Dirt!They come in a variety of sizes. Some are heavy-duty construction grade while others barely strong enough to mess with. The most common color is black and some have handles, grips and even convenient drawstrings. There are over a trillion sold every year and a staggering 1 million of them are used every minute. What am I talking about?

A 9mm with black handle and silver rail, lying on a Wanted poster.

The Adversary — A Disturbing Look Into the Criminal Mind

In my first article, I covered some basics on concealed carry and practical defense. This second part in the series shows the illicit intentness of the adversary with a disturbing look into the criminal mind. —Bob Campbell

The training you receive is important, and the people you meet in gun-handling classes are often among the most friendly and interesting in the world. Many have similar interests that cross all racial, gender, cultural and social boundaries, which is as it should be. The classes you take will be a positive experience.

Picture shows a computer graphic of how warm water surrounds the cost of South American during an El Nino weather season.

The Importance of Prepping: Forecasters Are Predicting a Bad El Nino This Year

On March 6, 2014, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued an El Nino watch for the spring and summer of 2014. Named after the baby Jesus by South American fisherman from the coasts of Peru and Ecuador, El Nino is the warming of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the western coast of South America in an area called Nino3.4. This warm water changes wind patterns, in turn affecting global weather. Moreover, this time around meteorologist and scientists are expecting a “doozy.”

A good first aid kit is an essential item in your gear.

Quick Prepper Tip: 10 First Aid Essentials

Cheaper Than Dirt Quick Prepper TipPreppers will tell you they practice prepping as a way to be prepared for what the future may hold. Of course none of us really know what tomorrow or even the next hour will bring. So it is probably wise to plan ahead at least a little bit. It does not matter if you are the type that plans for the end of the world scenario or someone who just wants to have a few essentials on hand in case of an emergency; having a basic first aid kit assembled and within reach is a good idea.

Picture shows a woman with her fist raised and a very angry look on her face.

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 21: Keep Your Cool—When it Heats Up So Does Your Temper

The terms hot-headed and blood-boiling may be more literal than you think. Numerous studies have shown that higher temperatures negatively affect our mood. Heat can make us irritable, impatient, physically uncomfortable, aggressive and even violent. In fact, violent assault numbers—intent to do physical harm against another person—rise during the hotter months. The hotter it gets, the more aggressive we feel.