A gray-haired man in a blue and black plaid jacket with red ear protection fires a Smith and Wesson Miliary and Police .38 at a target with a wooded area behind him.

Golden Guns for Everyone: The Orthopedic Winners

I have been fascinated by the great buildings of the world all my life and always find architecture interesting. While Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower are monumental achievements, the Pirate’s House in Savannah, Ga., is another structure I find completely interesting. And Joyce and I love the mile-high bridge at Grandfather Mountain.

The SIG P226 Navy Model

Range Report: The Navy Model P226, MK 25

As a writer, I do my dead-level best to test and evaluate every firearm that crosses my desk in a professional manner, including extensive range testing. Many of the commercial firearms are new and unproven, even when based on a proven handgun design. Every modification and new idiom must be proofed. Occasionally, I encounter a firearm that is proven more so than the rest. And then, there are the legends. For legends, there is little I may do to add or detract from the firearm’s reputation with my own test program. That is the case with the Sig Sauer P226 MK 25 or Navy Model.

White-haired man in blue jacket with white ear protection points the Ruger LCR at a green target set against a backdrop of leafless trees.

The Ruger LCR — The Most Advanced Revolver in the World

Revolver history is interesting. I am leading up to something because the revolver on my desk as I write this has me going back over everything I have learned about the revolver.

A Bit of Revolver History

The revolver is older than commonly believed. Double-barrel and combination barrels were common during the flintlock era, although they are not true repeaters. Revolvers with multiple chambers were not rare—they were expensive. The revolving-cylinder handgun dates back to at least 1540, so it was a case of the technology of the day not catching up with the thinking man’s dreams.

Cimarron Open Top revolver left side

Cimarron’s Open Top Revolver

The history of men and women and machines is fascinating. The revolver may not be the most in demand at Cheaper than Dirt! but there are none more interesting. The first cartridge revolver in the United States was the little Smith and Wesson Number 1 in .22 Short. Colt was making thousands of cap-and-ball revolvers for the Union Army and Smith and Wesson sold its revolvers through private sale. Soldiers could tuck the little .22 into their shirts or jackets. Colts were the horse pistols, and the revolvers used by fast moving cavalry units.

Gray haired man (the author) in a black sweatshirt and jeans with red ear protection firing a Colt 1911 at a target with a wooded area in the background and a cement area with a wooden table in the foreground.

Which Model Colt 1911 is For Me?

Over 100 years ago, the U.S. Army adopted the John Browning designed 1911 Model .45 Automatic pistol. Proofed in the most grueling test of any handgun prior to that point, the Colt 1911 fired over 6,000 rounds without a stoppage, thus proving its reliability. Once it was in the hands of the troops, the Colt did not let them down. The pistol saw action first in Mexico during the Punitive Expedition then in Europe. The pistol was a favorite of adventurers including, T. E. Lawrence and Winston Churchill.

Dark silver Glock 17 Gen 4 barrel pointed down and to the right on a white background.

Glock 17 Gen 4 Review

The Glock pistol is now over 30 years old. Those that grew up in the past few decades may not realize how sensational the Glock pistol was when it was first introduced. With groundbreaking polymer construction and a safe action trigger, the Glock 17 was a revolutionary handgun. While there had been polymer frame handguns before, none were as affordable or widely available as the Glock 17. The pistol also offered 17 rounds of potent 9mm Luger ammunition.

The picture shows a SIG P938 at an angle to see the top slide and the left side of the handgun.

Range Review: The 9mm SIG Sauer P938

On a recent trip to the shooting range, one of the female range officers brought me a SIG P938 and said, “Here girl, try this.” She proceeded to tell me it was her preferred carry gun and that she can conceal it anywhere on her body successfully. “It hides under anything!” she exclaimed as she pointed toward her chest.

Dark gray Taurus 85 .38 Special with a black grip on a white background.

Taurus 5-Shot Revolvers – The Model 85 and More

When it comes to personal defense, the snubnose revolver is so handy, lightweight, easy to manipulate and simple to operate, it is widely used. Even those who carry a heavier firearm as a matter of course often deploy the snubnose as a backup or hideout. The backup gun may be a lifesaver in the case of a malfunction of the primary. The snubnose handgun must be used by a skilled shooter (meaning someone willing to practice).

MasterPiece Arms MPA 935 SST

Your Next ‘Must-Have’ Home Defense Gun — MPA935SST Defender

Looking for a new home defense gun? MasterPiece Arms, manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, has your solution—the new for 2014 MPA935SST Defender. The MPA935SST is based on the standard MAC design and is available as an 8-inch barreled pistol. The Defender will be chambered for the 9mm and feature a standard 30-round magazine. The barrel is also threaded and ready to accept any 1/2 x 28 tpi suppressor, but let’s not get to crazy—it is a semi-auto not full auto.

Gun metal gray SIG SAUER Scorpion on a brown/black/gray stone background, barrel pointing upward.

SIG SAUER Scorpion – Modern Battle Pistol with a Sting

SIG SAUER’s new Scorpion handgun takes the 1911 pistol a notch higher in performance and brings proven combat ability into the new century. The Scorpion is a far different pistol than the blue steel and walnut 1911 handguns many of us deployed in the past. The SIG looks different, performs differently and leaves little to be desired. It is definitely a 1911 to the marrow. The new SIG features a rugged corrosion and wear-resistant Cerakote finish. Cerakote is a proven ceramic finish that is low maintenance, resists wear and requires little lubrication.

A dark gray and silver LW frame .45 with a wood-grained grip lying on a gray blue background with a box of ammunition.

Taurus PT 1911 Range Report

Well into 100 years of service, the 1911 handgun is going strong and more popular than ever. When the 1911 was designed, intensive skilled labor and machine work was less expensive. Today high-end 1911 handguns are often prohibitively priced for many of us. Affordable 1911 handguns, with a forged frame and slide, are few and far between.