ATF Opens Comment Period on Proposed Ban on Popular Shotguns

Following a study released last week by the ATF on the legality of importing shotguns with “non-sporting” features, many shooters and sportsmen expressed outrage. Following the release of that study, the ATF has opened up a 30-day comment period for feedback on its proposed ban on the importation of shotguns with certain “non-sporting features.”

Chad interviews Rob Romero after winning the 2010 FNH USA Midwest 3-Gun Shoot-Off

3-Gun Nation Update from SHOT Show

We caught up with Pete Brown and Chad Adams from 3-Gun Nation at the 2011 SHOT Show and had the chance to discuss the history of the 3-Gun Nation and gain an insight into some of the events they’ve got going on. The 2010 season is finished up and they are getting ready to kick off the 2011 season at Superstition Mountain 3-Gun match this March.

SIG716 Prec Marksman

SIG SAUER’s SIG716 7.62×51 NATO

The SIG 556 Russian wasn’t the only new exciting rifle unveiled by Sig Sauer at the 2011 SHOT Show: The new SIG716 rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO was on display at their booth at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Four different models were shown; a standard carbine model with a 14.5″ barrel, a 16″ patrol version, a longer and heavier precision marksman model, and a NFA regulated SBR model for CQB with a 12.5″ barrel. All of the models accept standard 7.62×51 MagPul PMAGs and are shipped with these direct from the factory.

Young Caucasian man in brown sweatshirt, with brown hair points the silver RMR 30 prototype toward you

Photos of Kel-Tec’s RMR-30 Prototype

At the SHOT Show we got to handle the prototype of Kel-Tec’s RMR-30 carbine rifle. Based off of the enormously popular PMR-30, the RMR-30 is designed to take full advantage of the .22 magnum cartridge with a longer barrel on a reliable semiautomatic platform. The model we handled had a full length Picatinny rail with MagPul flip up sights.

Black SIG SAUER 556R with the barrel pointed to the right on a white background.

SIG SAUER 556 Russian

SIG SAUER came clean with the 556 and owned up to its Kalishnakov roots with their new 556R. The 556 rifle has always had an AK-style action, which contributes greatly to the reliability of Sig’s rifle platform, but now Sig has released a 7.62×39 caliber version that is compatible with standard AK-47 magazines.