Crossing M1 Garands

The CMP Starts Release of 100,000 M1 Garands!

Recently, The Shooter’s Log ran a story, detailing President Trump’s order to go a step further than his predecessor and actually release the 100,000 or so 1911s currently being stored by the U.S. Army to the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Several of you left your email and asked to be informed as soon as the CMP began taking orders. While I wish we were reporting that the 1911s were ready for distribution, that’s not the case. However, we have something as good, if not better.

right profile of a FM-AK47 rifle

Triggering the Right Investment

During the good times, guns are an investment that will consistently increase in value. During the bad times, they can safeguard your property and family more than any other investment in your portfolio. Either way, the reality is that Americans like their guns. Best of all, there are consistent trends where Americans tend to buy firearms based upon outside forces such as elections, in the wake of mass shootings, or proposed policy changes either locally or nationally. But what about buying a gun as an investment?

M1 Carbine with scope

M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part III)

It was only natural; as soon as I was old enough and had the funds saved up, I bought an M1 Carbine. Unfortunately for me, the first one I came found, while I had $95 burning a hole in my pocket, was at a local emporium in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It was a brand spanking new Plainfield Machine Company M1 Carbine. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Plainfield carbines were assembled using surplus parts.

Winchester M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse

Not to long ago, a friend of mine was over, and we got into a conversation about the renewed interest in that ‘Old War Horse,’ the M1 Carbine. Seems like that ‘oldie but goodie’ will never leave us, and in my opinion, it never should. Other aficionados must feel the same way, because most recently, the Inland name has been taken over and given new life producing new M1 and M1A1 Carbines.

Photo shows two German military field phones, encased in a OD green Bakelite case.

A Secured Line of Communication: German Military Field Phones

These simple to set up and easy to use German field phones only require four D-cell batteries and standard single- or multi-strand copper wire to operate. Unlike other retailers selling similar military surplus field phones, each package from Cheaper Than Dirt comes with a set of two phones. The German military field phones do not need electricity to function and are perfect for use when cell phone towers are down or in an area with no cell service.

WWII Finnish Stereoscopic Rangefinder and Storage Cases

The Ultimate Long-range Shooting Accessory

When shooting long-range—over 1,750 yards (one mile)—you need the right rifle, caliber, optics, and equipment. That includes the right rangefinder as well. A requirement to accurately shoot long distances for hunting or military applications, you need to know the distance from your location to your target.


Choices: AK-47, AK-74… or AK-12?

“Besides honey, this isn’t just for fun, this is work.” That was the basic gist of the conversation when my wife caught me browsing sales fliers for new AKs. Unlike a bolt gun or even a black rifle that is easy enough to stash in the back corner of one of our safes among the others of the same ilk, or a handgun that could have been stuffed into one of the many smaller safes we own, an AK would be something she would immediately recognize as new.

Adventure Medical Kit

Got a Tourniquet?

I doubt it applies as much for the regular audience here at Cheaper Than Dirt!, but the Boston bombing was a wake up call for much of America. After all, I doubt many of you reading this hope there is someone in your area with a firearm to protect you if your house was about to be robbed and you were inside. Most likely, you would be prepared to be the last line of defense and protect yourself and loved ones. Likewise, in the event of a catastrophe you would likely be prepared with a cache of water, food and medical supplies. However, philosophies change and supplies need to be occasionally rotated, replaced or added to.

US Military General Purpose Waterproof Box

Prepping 101: Build a First Aid Kit

I was one of those kids who had more fun playing with the empty box than playing with whatever toy or gizmo my parents gave me. In this case, the box is the gift, but it’s pretty cool anyway. If you are building your own medical kit, this waterproof box is a great place to start. This was exactly the same type of box used for general-purpose first aid in military aircraft and boats. Originally, this box held a 317-piece kit designed for front line trauma as well as basic first aid, but feel free to design your own. To get started, the original kit contained: