Dolbee with Texas Whitetail Buck

10 Tips for Beginning Hunters

The first hunt is a right of passage for some and the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream for others, in many instances it is likely both. It is a part of the hunting community’s heritage and a coveted moment worthy of celebration when introducing a new member of the next generation to hunting. Having a young son rapidly approaching that age, I am certainly eagerly awaiting the day he asks for his opportunity to go afield. To that end, I am sure a beginner’s guide to hunting could be of value to neophyte and veteran hunters mentoring new hunters alike.


Turkeys From Field to Mounts

Besides a good meal, turkey legs, spurs, beard and feathers are trophies worthy of preservation. Best of all, they are every bit as beautiful as a trophy buck, but won’t take up as much space on the wall. You can also care for the trophy yourself instead of paying big bucks to a taxidermist because turkeys—overall—are easy to preserve, but some parts are easier than others.

turkey over shoulder

Is Your Shotgun Ready for Turkeys?

Turkey hunting has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Hunters find the sport challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. We field a lot questions about the gear needed for novice turkey hunters. The most common involves the shotguns used for hunting turkeys. Can I use my dove hunting shotgun for turkey? What type of sights do I need? Should my turkey gun be camouflaged? To be honest, you can kill a turkey with just about anything. However, lets take a look at some standards that will make your chances just a bit better.

Box Turkey Call

Are You Ready for Turkey Season?

Are you ready to track down those elusive gobblers? Spring turkey season is just around the corner and the best hunters prepare early to increase their chances. It takes more than some camouflage and patience to bag a spring turkey. Read through our checklist to see if you’re ahead of the curve.

Feather Flex Turkey Decoys

Gizmos & Gadgets — Turkey Decoys

Turkey hunting is challenging to put it kindly, but more addictive than any other drug nature has ever produced. One of the most important factors to successfully hunting a turkey is to get the turkey in range for a shot of course. Nothing does that better than the right decoy set up.

Strutting Toms

Tackling a Turkey Jinx — Broadheads

Turkeys are bowhunting’s ultimate challenge. In fact, I have had better luck shooting pheasant out of the air with my bow than I have turkeys on the ground. That can be contributed to my turkey jinx more than anything, but just because Tommy Three Toes continually vexes me does not mean I won’t be out this Spring looking to sink an arrow in his side.