right profile AR-15 rifle with Elftman stock

AR Rifle Upgrade— Making Good, GREAT!

I began this review by taking notes on the features of triggers I have written about in the past. I wanted to be certain I had a clear idea of what makes a good trigger and perhaps what makes a trigger good for the money, as well as trigger features that favor tactical or personal defense shooting. Being able to qualify claims for a fast lock time is more difficult than testing the trigger action and pull weight.

Ace Luciano with trophy Kudu

5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Trophy Picture

Every year, I reflect on what I have learned from the previous 12 months, looking at what was successful and what was not, determining where I can improve, and setting up a plan for doing more of what worked. Finally, 2013 is over, and we brave forward to 2014. Another year passed—another year of absolutely terrible outdoor pictures.

Fly fishing at a Casting for Recovery Retreat

Women Afield — Hope Floats, Helping Women Recover From Breast Cancer

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), breast cancer is second only to lung cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths in women. One out of every eight women who lives to be at least 85 years of age will develop breast cancer. Over two million women in the United States have been treated for, or are currently living with, breast cancer. However, there is some good news; in spite of all these discouraging statistics, breast cancer—if caught early—can be treated and many women today call themselves breast cancer survivors because of early detection. The other good news is there are organizations and activities with some traditional outdoor activities, such as fly-fishing, designed specifically for breast cancer patients.