The picture shows a SIG P938 at an angle to see the top slide and the left side of the handgun.

Range Review: The 9mm SIG Sauer P938

On a recent trip to the shooting range, one of the female range officers brought me a SIG P938 and said, “Here girl, try this.” She proceeded to tell me it was her preferred carry gun and that she can conceal it anywhere on her body successfully. “It hides under anything!” she exclaimed as she pointed toward her chest.

two Lightfield Home defense rounds

Lightfield’s Rubber Ball Loads

I have often stated that the shotgun isn’t just a weapon, it is a weapons system. The new Home Defender products from Lightfield ammunition underscore this statement. The shotgun will digest birdshot, buckshot, slugs, bean bags and all manner of munitions.

Greg Ellifritz, a full-time firearms and defensive tactics training officer for a central Ohio police department and the president of Active Response Training, conducted tests with runners fleeing a simulated active shooter using a Simunitions paintball gun (shown). Number-one takeaway: Run fast. Photo courtesy of Greg Ellifritz.

Don’t Run in a Straight Line? Says Who?

Many experts describing how to flee from an armed actively shooting attacker advise, “Don’t run in a straight line.” But the idea that running in a zig-zag or crouch is better than running in a straight line is pure conjecture, says Greg Ellifritz, a full-time firearms and defensive tactics training officer for a central Ohio police department and the president of Active Response Training. “There really isn’t any documented evidence to suggest that any one technique is better than any other. The ‘experts’ are just guessing,” he says.

Picture shows a woman holding a black AR-15 chambered for .458 SOCOM in front of steel target.

Why I Love the AR-15: A Woman’s Perspective

It wasn’t that long ago when it felt like men exclusively purchased the AR-15 rifle. Sure, we would shoot our husband’s, boyfriend’s or guy friend’s rifles, but up until about a year ago, not one woman shooter I know had purchased her own AR-15. Now I know plenty who researched, picked out and own their very own AR-15.

Picture shows a red box of American Eagle .357 SIG ammunition.

The Perfect Mix of Stopping Power, Reliability and Accuracy: Is the .357 SIG Law Enforcement’s Best Defense Cartridge?

What an elusive round the .357 SIG is. Hardly talked about, never fodder for forum debate and difficult to find in stock. It has devoted followers and some of our most important law enforcement agencies—such as the Secret Service—depend on the .357 SIG. In fact, falling just under the .40 S&W, it is the second most issued caliber to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

She can carry and still look cute. You’re welcome. Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk.

Holsters for Women. Stop Telling Me My Choices Suck!

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” – Marilyn Monroe

I generally avoid ranting on any of my blog posts. However, being an Internet blogger means I get to break the rules a little bit. Like being able to start a sentence with like and and. So, I’m going to go ahead and skate on thin ice here, break the rules and write about something that has been chapping my hide lately.

Another Line of Defense

A trip to the local grocery store or gas station has become a survival test in some areas of the country. Sadly, we live in a deteriorating society in which you must keep your defenses up or at the very least have your inner Chuck Norris on speed dial for a quick retrieval if necessary. Although firearms are often the primary focus when we think of devices to protect ourselves with, other devices on the market offer an alternative when you need to gain the upper hand. Many of these devices are often categorized as non-lethal devices. Some experts express a concern over such a phrase and suggest a more acceptable term would be “less than lethal devices.” Even though the terminology may be up for debate it is hard to argue the popularity of such devices is on the rise.

Bring your target in closer than the standard 15 to 20 feet.

Self Defense Handgun Training

A recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation found the majority of first time gun buyers practice shooting at least once a month and report the number one reason for their purchase was for home and self-defense.

The grip on the 27 I shot was a typical old-school Glock grip.

Self-Defense Handguns for Women: Armscor M200 .38 Revolver v. Glock 27 Semi-Automatic

Over the weekend, I had a chance to take two of my girlfriends shooting—one a beginner and one intermediate. Neither have a strong affinity for guns, but both own a gun for self-defense. The problem is their male partners, without their input, purchased these firearms. The males in question are gun guys—one is a collector and avid shooter, the other an IDPA shooter. In the guy’s mind, both these gun purchases were thoughtful. They bought them for shooting ease and stopping power. The beginner’s husband bought her an Armscor M200 .38 Special revolver, while the intermediate shooter’s boyfriend gave her the sub-compact Glock 27 .40 S&W semi-automatic pistol. This weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to compare a semi-automatic pistol to a revolver in calibers suitable for self-defense with three different women’s opinions on the pros and cons of each gun.

All states differ in their requirements in issuing a concealed carry permit.

Are You Ready To Conceal Carry?

The number of first-time gun owners has steadily increased over the last year. Over half of all gun owners report the primary reason for owning a gun is for self-defense. The majority of gun owners believe their right to defend themselves extends beyond their home. If you are considering joining the eight million Americans who hold concealed carry permits, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding.

A Revolver is Still an Excellent Choice

What is Your Gun’s Role?

There are thousands of different makes and models of handguns. Many designers make firearms with the power to stop attackers in their tracks. Some design handguns for target practice. While yet others are better suited for a museum or a collector’s display case. When people ask me, “What is the best type of handgun to buy?” I usually reply with the question, “What do you want it to do?”

Heizer HD1 Pocket .410

SHOT 2013: Heizer HD1, .410 pocket shotgun

Okay, this one is interesting-a single shot derringer. Still with me? A single shot derringer in .410 shotgun. If that does not get the job done then you have two more chances with .45 Colt stored in the handle. Sound familiar in some way? Yes it does. Remember the Double Tap? and for those who really like firearms history, the Liberator, this will sound vaguely familiar.